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20 sex toys for men and women and how to use them

20 sex toys for men and women and how to use them

20 sex toys for men and women and how to use them

20 sex toys for men and women and how to use them

Sex toys are available in the market for so many years but it is now that we are comfortable discussing it buy and using them

But many people still think that sex toys are used by a lonely or single person

OR by the person who is not comfortable or satisfied with his partner and it is a complete myth

Couples who use it find that it adds more flavors to their sexual relationship and after using them their relationship also gets better

These toys will increase their pleasure in bed

Some people use the word alternative for sex toys but it is actually complementary to couple sex

Increment of pleasure time in a bed for a couple as much as they would do for singles

Few reasons why to use sex toys

Sex toys are definitely ‘need’ by some women

Women need to have the right kind of clitoral or mental stimulation to achieve orgasm we are not saying men fail in it

It is just a complex business for men due to which most women fake orgasm

Sex toys give them the right assistance and then why do women choose it

These toys just make relationships between couples more secure and pleasurable

They promote sex talk which is important for any relation

When couples discuss what kind of sex toys they need in bed

Same time they will open up to discuss further sexual needs and desires

This kind of conversation helps you understand the need of your partner and this will help you in performance too

Break the chain

This will help you break the monotony in bed

Different toys like Anal plugs and vibrators, whips, paddles and ropes, blindfolds, and many more are gender neutral and they increase your pleasure time in bed

Find your Hot spot

These toys are designed to increase sexual pleasure it is not an easy task to stimulate your mind and body both at the same time

Sex toys will help you in this by hit upon the right pleasure points and it also reduces your workload

Different options and how to use them

The Internet is full of different sex toys there are different sex toys for different need this make people more confused about what to choose and what to not

So we are here to help you with this we will suggest you some good sex toys and tell you how to use them and how they can help you in making your sexual relationship healthier than ever

Variety of sex toys and how to use them

Finger Vibrators

These are usually rubbery pads that you have to place over your fingertips and this will make your hand into vibrators

Each finger will turn into a dildo it is like the bigger the bullet, the more intense the sensation they all bring

Trace the vibrator over nipples, hips, inner thighs, and backside to tease your partner before applying it to your delicate areas

Adjust where it is comfortable on your finger – And when it is down to rest, the more control you will have

Thrusting dildos

The most innovative sex toys to hit the market in the last few years it is known by every person in the market anyone who heard first time about sex toys came to know about dildos first

These thrusting Dildos penetrate by retracting and expanding the back and forth

you can use them in the vagina or anal where ever you want to use they are known for penetrative sex

You need any partner in this you just enter them in your part where you want it and leave it rest job is done by them

They came with a vibrator that stimulates your clitoris

Rabbit Vibrators

These vibrators are specially designed to penetrate your vagina while fluttering on a person’s clitoris

it allow both area to be pleasured at once

It has different speed settings which allow a person to adjust it according to their need and pleasure

Put the Rabbit Vibrator inside your vagina Set the movement of your vibrator according to your need and movement

Enjoy it till you want it

Ball Gags

It is a BDSM sex toy it is one of the classical toys used in BDSM

Ball gags are used to cover your partner’s mouth in a proper way it will not take your partner’s breath away

So it is important that you should always use proper ball gags which will be comfortable in your partner’s mouth

Ball gags will keep your partner able to talk and a softened ball is strapped into their mouth and secured to the head

It works well with other bondage toys like handcuffs, paddles, and many more

Make sure that the gag is clean and fully intact before using

Blindfold and Masks

It will take your romance to new heights after what is more erotic than being physically forced to concentrate on all other senses

You will know partner’s finger feels over your skin and how your partner taste this is what Blindfold and mask does

Blindfolds and masks are such popular BDSM toys for a very good reason it can be used by both beginners as well as pros

It is like a cherry on a cake as compared to all other BDSM sex toys

Double ended Dildos

These dildos have two ends which make it easier for two people to use them at once and they can pleasure each other two by using Double ended dildos

Double-ended dildos have vibration too which make adds more pleasure to you and your partner

These can be used by two women or men in which one enters small end in itself and penetrates your partner with base

A couple can also use it where women can use it on their male partner who wanted to be penetrated

If women are using it solo they can bend the ends so that it penetrates them in two places at once and you can enjoy it all alone without the need of any partner

Chasity belts

These belts are specially made to keep your partner experiencing the bliss of flooding orgasm until you are ready

It can be used by both men and women and can be used for the long term too these will not affect your partner’s body function

This will just stop your partner to masturbate so that he or she can enjoy sex properly

Always check that your Chasity belt is in proper working condition before using it always keeps a close eye on cooped-up genitals to ensure proper blood flow and comfort

Hands-free vibrators

These Hands-free vibrators sit on tops of the clitoris or other tender areas hand free vibrators have also some penetrative arms

You can control the oscillations through a remote or even through an app on your Smartphone

You have to insert it and avoid clenching your legs as it can cause the vibrator to fall out

Adjust it to the setting you are comfortable with and enjoy it

Cock bondage toy

This is similar to belts but this can be used by male-only as is designed to sit at the base of the penis

It allows your male partner to easily flow urination, but it keeps the penis in the flaccid state which makes the man impossible to get an erection and reach orgasm

You have to wear it on your penis and lock it just to make sure that it will not hit your genitals

Feather Ticklers

These feather ticklers can be beautifully integrated into almost any bedroom they are gentle and sweet

This works beautifully alongside masks handcuffs and makes it harder for your partner to resist

Penis rings

These rings make your male partner last longer through intercourse as it cut off the circulation of blood flow from flowing back into the penis this will increase the pleasure time as much as you want

Apply lube before using it

This ring will become tighter as you become more erect set the ring around the testicles and leave it

Strap- On

They are similar to a rabbit dildo it has two parts one is the harness and another is the dildo

One can even enjoy it without the harness

Just wear it and you are ready to penetrate your partner it is famous among lesbian couples

Vibrator panties

A very special kind of hands-free vibrator these panties will make underwear as pleasurable as taking them off

You have to wear it connect it with your smartphone or you also control it with remote

You can directly stroke the panties to turn the vibrator on

Clamps and suction cups

Clamps and suction cups are bondage sex toys that are designed to add little pain to pleasure and you don’t need to worry it will not leave marks on the skin

They can be adjusted to your desired level on which you want to use them

Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are good for beginning

Many  anal plugs are aimed at stimulating the male prostate

It is suggested that women should try it with their fingers first so that can easily find out how much they can handle

Then choose a plug with a diameter

Butt plug comes in different sizes by this you can mentally prepare yourself

Sex doll

It is used by anyone who wants to enjoy their time and pleasure in their own way these dolls are made up of a very high-quality material Like Silicone which makes their life long enough for one to use

These dolls come in different parts a person has to assemble them before using them and they can use in any position they want to use it

Wand Vibrator

This vibrator offers vibration at a higher RPM than others

They work well for people with vulvas and penises who enjoy a strong sensation

The wand vibrator is designed especially for the person who wants intense stimulation

G-Spot toys

These toys are designed to apply pressure to G-spot (which many people like)

They can be used internally and externally and they are very easy to use

One has to just insert it and turn it on they will give you the pleasure you are always craving for

Mimic Vibrator

Stingray shaped Mimic is a toy one must have

The shape is flat to play against the clitoris

It also can be shifted around for targeted, pinpoint stimulation, or broader vibrations.

Its vibes are also super deep and rumbly, it’s battery backup is far better than any other vibrator

Stackable rings

These buildable rings are soft and textured and you have to wear them on the base of the penis

This ring will help you increase pleasure and will help in intercourse these are awesome products to have

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Bottom line

Sex toys are designed to enhance your bed experience with your partner

Sex toys make your sex life healthier and sweet relationship with your partner

So little money spend on smart purchases never hit anyone,


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