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All about Corona Virus

All about Corona Virus

All about Corona Virus

All about Corona Virus

The world is in its one of the world phase now; all of us are fighting an enemy which we can’t even see we call it “Corona”.

Different peoples have different approach to fight with corona till any proper medication of this Corona comes out in market.

Covid-19 or Corona virus was declare pandemic by WHO many safety measures and guidelines are issue by government to save us from pandemic and we should follow those measure for our safety

Before that it is very important that one should know the symptoms and when to get tested for corona virus

Symptoms of corona virus

One should monitor their health days carefully so that he or she should know when to get himself test for corona virus

WHO, ICMR and Indian government has issue some list of common symptoms. Covid -19 affects health of different people in different way

Most people observe these symptoms when they get infected from corona virus

  • Fever
  • Dry Cough
  • Tiredness

Some people have these less common symptoms

  • Body pain and aches
  • Sore throat
  • Diarrhea
  • Headache
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Loss in sense of taste and smell
  • Rashes on skin

There are some symptoms in which a person need to consult doctor immediately and get himself tested these are as follows

  • Shortness of breath and difficulty in breathing
  • Chest pain or pressure
  • Difficulty in speech and movement

If you have any symptoms mention above then don’t take a risk and consult your doctor or you can also call government help line number

A study shows it take 5 to 6 days to show symptoms after a person is infected from corona virus and it is advice to get immediate medical assistance

Prevention steps

If you are healthy and fit then you should follow some prevention steps to protect yourself and your family from corona virus

There is some guidelines issue by government which can save a person from corona virus. These are as follows

  1. Wash your hands continuously for 20 seconds as soon as you came in contact from anything outside your home
  2. Maintain social distancing, One should keep 1 meter distance  from other person while in public places or at work place
  3. Do not touch your face
  4. Always wear face marks while going outside in public places you can also use your hand made mask
  5. It is advice to stay at home if you feel Unwell
  6. Avoid smoking as it weakens the lungs and corona virus attacks respiratory systems
  7. Prevent yourself from social gathering
  8. Use Aarogya setu app recommended by government which will guide you in public places

Safety measure to increase immunity

Along with safety measure we should also improve our immunity which can help us to fight us from Corona virus

As this virus proves to be more dangerous in people with low immunity.

A person suffering from diabetes, blood pressure, and respiratory diseases are at risk of Covid 19 Complication

And the people above age of 60 are also at high risk as there immunity reduces as they age

So, now the general question arises how can one increase their immunity to save them self from corona virus?

Here are some steps which a one can follow to save them from Corona virus

  1. Healthy diet

Our immunity is directly in relation to foods we consume as our body gets energy from the food.

A one should avoid eating oily food as it is difficult for our body to digest and one should take food which is rich in

  • Omega 3 – Good for heart which keeps proper circulation of blood in body
  • Vitamin rich food – Vitamin c increases you immunity and prevents one from cold and acts as antioxidant, Vitamin D protect one against respiratory infections and Vitamin A,B,K and E will add to your immunity
  • Zinc is a necessary component in WBC which prevents body from cold, flu and viral infections
  • Add natural immunity increasing supplement such as ginger, amla, turmeric etc
  • Proper sleep

A minimal 7 to 8 hour is necessary for everyone as while person sleep body naturally builds immunity

And if a person doesn’t take required sleep he or she will feel tired all day at it affects immunity and there is a high chance of getting flu

  • Exercise

Exercise is a natural way of keep on healthy and increase immunity everyone should at least give one hour to exercise

He or she can go for Running, play physical games or if can’t go out to gym you can easily do yoga

Meditate at house by sitting at your home it will release your stress and keep you healthy

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Bottom line

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Stay safe stay healthy


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