BareOrganics MACA ROOT POWDER (Raw Organic) (8oz) 227g


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Maca root is Beneficial for overall health

It has all the necessary nutrient required by body

One pack is sufficient for one month use

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BareOrganics MACA ROOT POWDER (Raw Organic) (8oz) 227g

This powder is add to drinks, baked goods and in any food you want

One Pack of 227 Gram, Suitable for monthly use

This Maca root help in problem of sexual dysfunctional in women,

It is beneficial to increases libido

If a person uses it continuously for 12 weeks it reduces erectile dysfunction too

Maca root powder is used by athletes and bodybuilders to increase energy

Maca root powder is also beneficial in increasing fertility

Bare Organic Maca Root powder Improves mood and reduces anxiety issues

Maca root powder can help with high Blood pressure problem

Maca roots reduces Blood pressure, person feels relax

It helps forms Sun burn cells in skin and reduces sun damages

Study  that Maca powder Improves learning and memory

A person can see visible result in his body just after few weeks of use of Maca powder

Good for overall health of a person


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