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Best Rogaine Minoxidil 5% Solution Hair Regrowth For Men & women

Best Rogaine Minoxidil 5% Solution Hair Regrowth For Men & women

Best Rogaine Minoxidil 5% Solution Hair Regrowth For Men & women

Best Rogaine Minoxidil 5% Solution Hair Regrowth For Men & women

Best Rogaine Minoxidil  Hair loss and rogaine are two different words but comes one after another when hair loss comes one switch to rogaine

Rogaine is the immediate and best solution for hair fall on scalp, beard, hairline, moustache, patches available in the market and fits into budget

Millions of people choose rogaine over any other medical treatment as it is cheaper and has quick result

And Rogaine is a no pain treatment when you compare it with other hair loss treatment

It has no physical pain as one has to simply apply it on a scalp and leave it and other treatment includes pain and cuts

So now we comes to rogaine 5% solution what is this solution made of and who can use it

And the main question is still the same how it treats the hair loss and it has edge over other hair loss treatment

Along with that we will also tell you about its side effect who should use it and who should avoid it

So read this full article to know everything about rogaine minoxidil and clear your every doubt about it

Rogaine is trusted by millions of user and even doctor prescribe it for hair loss treatment as it promote hair regrowth naturally

Rogaine comes in 5% topical solution about which we are going to tell you in this article

It has a minoxidil as a main ingredient inside it along with some concentrate of alcohol and propylene glycol

All these nutrient are very important for hair regrowth and it boost hair growth naturally

So one doesn’t has to go through painful surgeries and swallow bitter pills anymore for hair growth

And rogaine is tested in lab and approve by FDA for medical use for hair regrowth treatment

What is Rogaine 5% solution and how it promote hair growth naturally

Rogaine 5% solution is a minoxidil solution with other important ingredient like propylene and butylene and many more

This solution is apply on affected area of scalp from where hair is falling and leave it untouched for next few hours

Rogaine 5% solution when apply to scalp enters the scalp and reaches the hair follicles

It strengthen the hairs which prevents existing hair from falling and revives the dead follicles

Rogaine enters the blood vessels from scalp and expands the blood vessels which improves the blood circulation

It clears the presence of DHT hormone near follicles which is harmful for hair growth and hair follicles

Actually hair falls when the blood vessels connecting to hair follicles shrink and there is no proper supply of oxygen and blood to hair follicles

Rogaine expands them and boost the blood circulation naturally so that require nutrient can be given to hair

And hair prevent themselves from falling naturally it when apply to scalp it penetrates the scalp

This penetration opens the new pores on scalp from which the new hair grows and you can see head full of hair

It makes your existing hair thick naturally and gives them shine which makes them look good

Rogaine uses minoxidil as main ingredient which was earlier use to treat low blood pressure patient

And it is find that the person who uses Minoxidil finds it positive in hair growth too

After than many test are conduct on Minoxidil and it is find that it is positive for hair regrowth

And then it is approve by FDA for medical use in hair fall treatment and rogaine manufactures it

Rogaine Minoxidil 5% solution is ideal for male uses as it treats every type of hair loss in men

Best way to use Rogaine minoxidil

There are few things which a person should keep in mind while using Rogaine for best result within few month of use

Rogaine 5% comes in two variants solution ad foam and all of these two have different way to use

Let’s understand how to use each of them effectively

Using Rogaine Foam

  • Rogaine foam is meant to be apply directly on affected area on scalp
  • Use only one spray at a time and do no touch it till foam is absorb by scalp
  • Repeat this process for 4 to 5 month twice day once in a morning and once in evening

Using Rogaine solution

Using Rogaine solution is different than foam it is use on slightly wet hair not fully wet nor fully dry

So wash your hair before using it and dry it with a towel

  • Pour Rogaine solution on affected area and massage gently
  • Use 20 to 30 drops of rogaine solution per use for best result
  • After applying rogaine solution gently move your fingers in circular way for massage on scalp
  • Use Rogaine solution for 4 to 5 month regularly twice a day

Along with this there are also few things which a person should keep in mind that he or she shouldn’t do for effective result

Things to avoid while using Rogaine

There are few thing which you should not do while using rogaine

  • Do not mix rogaine solution with any oil or shampoo
  • Avoid immediate exposure to sunlight after immediate use of rogaine
  • Pregnant women and children below 18 year should avoid using it
  • It doesn’t treat hair loss due to any medical treatment like chemo therapy

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