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Best time to start using Kirkland Minoxidil for best result

Best time to start using Kirkland Minoxidil for best result
Best time to start using Kirkland Minoxidil for best result

Best time to start using Kirkland Minoxidil for best result

Best time to start using Kirkland Minoxidil for the best result

Cases of hair loss is increasing day by day and many people face different types of alopecia nowadays

Along with the increase in hair problems, there is good news too that there are many solutions available in the market for hair loss

There are many options like Hair transplant, medical treatment, laser treatment, and Minoxidil but Minoxidil is best among all

Many brands manufacture minoxidil but Kirkland needs no introduction when it comes to hair loss

Kirkland Minoxidil is recommended Number 1 Minoxidil brand

by Dermatologist as the best solution to different types of hair loss

Kirkland is proven to treat hair loss in men and a few months of regular use gives the best result

It is used to treat different types of hair problems with regular use of 4 to 6 months it treats every type of hair loss in men  

But the question is that what is the best time to start using Kirkland minoxidil? So that a person gets the best result on time

Before this, we need to understand the reason for hair loss in men and how Kirkland treats it

The reason behind hair loss in men and women

There are so many reasons behind hair loss in men and different factor affect the scalp health and leads to hair loss

Unhealthy diet and lifestyle – In today’s world everything is going fast and the person is losing track of their health

Due to this he are getting closer to unhealthy (junk food) high in calories and low in nutritional value

This type of food is harmful to hair and the body as this creates a blockage in the body and increases cholesterol level

So one should avoid eating Unhealthy food and switch to healthy food for better hair growth

Genetic or hereditary hair loss – Many people face hair loss due to their elders as this problem is passing through their blood

Suppose if the elder person in your family say your father or grandfather also has a hair problem then there is a chance

That you have to also face it as this is in your genes and many people misconnect that this only passes in male member

Now a day many women are also facing hair loss due to hereditary hair loss in case of women their overall hair gets thin

Kirkland Minoxidil Hair loss due to medical treatment – This happens as a side effect of medical treatment going on

Suppose a person is suffering from any medical problem and getting himself or herself diagnosed for that

Then there is a chance that a person may face hair loss due to side effects of the medicine he or she is getting to treat 

For Example, if a person is suffering from cancer then during chemo therapy he or she loses a lot of hair

Stages of losing hair

Normal hair loss – This happens to almost every person who is having hair on his head every person loses some amount of hair daily

Losing 5 to 6 hair daily is acceptable and normal but if the number is increasing day by day then this is a sign of the beginning of hair loss

Increase in hair loss – In this the number of losing hair day by day increases usually hair loss stops after some days

But in this case, it begins to increase day by day and this is a clear sign of losing hair and leading to hair loss

Hair thinning – In this the hair starts losing its strength and gets weak day by day this is very stressful

And any person who passes through this stage knows that it is the beginning of hair fall

The hair gets thin in men and they won’t look as healthy as they use to look in earlier days of hair loss

Hair loss and no new hair loss – Usually when a person loses their hair new hair grows in that place after some time but in this case, no new hair grows out of follicles

The area from hair falls becomes infertile and no new hair comes out of that area this is baldness

What is right to start using Minoxidil

We told you about every stage a person faces in hair loss but what is the time when one should know that he or she starts using Kirkland

The first thing that Kirkland also works on is those who have totally lost their hair but it takes time and in this article

We are suggesting to you the best stage to use Kirkland minoxidil for the quick results it is nowhere like it won’t work

When a person loses his total hair Kirkland also works then too it’s just taking some time at that time

The best phase to Start using Kirkland Minoxidil India is when the hair of a person starts getting thin day by day

At time Kirkland prevents a person from losing existing hair and also open new pores for new hair

So, at that time person can save their existing hair and also gets back the strength of their hair too and gets the quick result

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Bottom Line

So don’t think twice and if your hair is also getting thin day by day then start using Kirkland Minoxidil now

And get back your hair in just few months of regular use


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