BROMELAIN 500mg 120 Tablets


Pack of 120 Tablets (3 Months Supply)

Bromelain tablet supports healthy digestion

These tablets support overall wellness

It is 100% genuine and natural product

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BROMELAIN 500mg 120 Tablets

Bromelian’s tablet is effective in treatment of pain and soft tissue swelling

These tablets are good in joint stiffness to which is link with osteoarthritis

Bromelian tablet is found useful in treating cardiovascular diseases

These tablets is anti-inflammatory. good for people for asthma

Twice a day is use for visible result

Regular use of 3 to 4 months for visible result

Study shows that these tablets are good for combating cancer

Bromelian is highly effective in safely removing damaged tissue

Bromelian tablets are useful to control key pathways supports maligancy

Any person above 18 year and use these tablets

Approved and Safe to Use

It is extracted from pineapple tree


Consuming it more than twice a day did not give quick result

If a person has any medical history of itching consult your doctor before use

In case of side effect like diarrhea stop using it

Diabetic patient should consult it doctor before use


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