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How to buy blood to fake on first night fake virginity product

How to buy blood to fake on first night fake virginity product

How to buy blood to fake on first night fake virginity product

What is fake virginity?

As the name suggests fake virginity these products help you to fake your partner that you are a virgin and you haven’t had sex in the past with anyone else 

Many people favor these products many people don’t like this product as they think with this product you are fooling your partner 

But it depends on you how you use it if you use it to save your relationship or marriage it fine 

Some males have Muscularity issues they just can’t accept that their partner is in a sexual relationship with someone else 

This affects their overall relationship and many time your relationship will come to end 

We all live in a society where it is difficult for men to understand that it’s okay to be sexually active but the bitter truth is that they just can’t accept it 

Then there are these products that come as a savior to save your relationship and your marriage 

These products will make your partner believe that you are a virgin this will not hamper their ego and save your relationship too.

How does this fake virginity product works?

These fake virginity products are very simple and easy to use and safe also as it is made of ingredient that has no harm to your product 

This fake virginity product acts as an artificial hymen and is made up of a cellulose membrane that a woman inserts into her vagina about an hour before intercourse. 

Post penetration, it ruptures and produces a small amount of ‘blood’ which gives the idea that the woman has had sex for the first time. 

On the other hand, there is the pill, filled with a sort of red dye. It is inserted into a woman’s cervix and melts with her body temperature releasing the dye during intercourse.

How to use these fake Virginity products?

It is very simple and easy to use these fake virginity products as one has to simply insert these pills into their vagina before intercourse 

These are pills that have red dye that will burst into the vagina reaching a certain temp when the body gets warm during intercourse 

Fake virginity pills have been made of ingredient that is no harm to your body and once they burst and release fake it is all absorbed in the body 

But the user has to follow some steps before using these products such as 

  • Make sure the vagina is clean and dry we advise you to take a shower before inserting it so that there is no dirt and dust 
  • When the vagina is dry insert it inside it One hour before intercourse and make sure that you don’t do any exercise or weight lifting after inserting it as it can burst it before intercourse

It can be used with any sex product and condoms easily as it won’t act as a barrier between any of them and you can enjoy your moments 


There are some cautions that a user should keep in mind before using it some of them are 

  • Do not swallow it 
  • Not for anal sex for vaginal sex only 
  • Read the instruction carefully before using it 
  • Do not apply any kind of Oil or lubricant while inserting it inside a vagina 
  • Do not use it if you are below the age of 18 years old 
  • If you have any kind of vaginal fungal or bacterial infection consult your doctor before using it 

These pills have no side effects but still, we should know every possible caution about these pills 

Ingredient and purpose

These pills are made of soluble ingredients which will melt inside your vagina and leave no harm 

It is filled with red dye which came as fake blood during intercourse so one should not worry about this dye 

The main purpose of these pills is to give support to those ladies whose partners can’t accept that their lady has already had sex with someone else 

It is sold with permission from the pharmacy sector which ensures that these pills are safe to use and anyone can use it 

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Bottom Line

A little spending to save your relationship never bothers anyone and these pills will help you save your marriage and give your relationship a new start 

So, if you are also worried about how to make your partner believe that you are a virgin then these pills can help you a lot 

Don’t wait more and order it now from Shopuskart and make your relations and live healthy and happy 

Never think twice before buying happiness for your relation

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