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Does Rogaine Minoxidil really work For Men and women?

Does Rogaine Minoxidil really work For Men and women?

Does Rogaine Minoxidil really work For Men and women?

Does Rogaine Minoxidil really work For Men and women?

For every person who has never used rogaine before in their life and get to know it from their family, friend

Has only one question in mind does Rogaine minoxidil really works and if yes then how does it treat hair loss

Along with that, there is one more question that is it really possible that one can get back their fallen hair

And is it true that Rogaine really promotes hair regrowth and what is the thing from which rogaine is made?

We will answer all these questions in this article so read this full article to know everything about Minoxidil Rogaine

There are so many articles available on the internet about rogaine but none explains everything in one

In some articles, there are about the working of rogaine and in some about their composition and everything else

Rogaine is a medically approved solution that is meant to apply to the scalp and affected area

In this article, you will get to know how rogaine medically treats hair loss and what its effects on the body are

And if rogaine has any possible side effects and who should use it and who should avoid using it

What are the things which should be kept in mind while using rogaine and how it is better than other treatments?

And what gives it an edge over other hair loss treatments available in the market so read this full article for complete knowledge about rogaine

So in the end, you will know why you should buy rogaine for yourself if you are losing hair

History of rogaine and Minoxidil

As you start searching about hair loss treatment in the market the name which will repeat in front of you is Rogaine

Millions of users use rogaine to treat hair loss and find it more positive than any other treatment

Rogaine is made up of Minoxidil which promotes hair regrowth and along with Minoxidil it also has Propylene glycol, Butylene, and many other necessary nutrients

Rogaine’s main ingredient is Minoxidil so for understanding the working of rogaine we should know about Minoxidil

Minoxidil in the early days is used to treat blood pressure the one who is having low blood pressure uses it

And many users who use it for blood pressure also find it useful for hair treatment they find that hair has a positive effect

So after this much research has been conducted and it is medically proven that it promotes hair regrowth

And then it is approved by FDA for medical use to treat hair loss problems and promote hair regrowth

After this rogaine has been made and used to treat hair problems and it is found that rogaine has no side effects on the body

And anyone above the age of 18 years can use and get back their hair
after this, we will know how it medically treats hair loss (what happens inside the body) and also the reason behind hair loss

What happens inside the scalp when you apply rogaine?

Before coming to this we need to understand the reason behind this hair loss problem and what leads to this problem.

Our hair grows on the scalp and on this scalp there are many pores under which there are hair follicles

These hair follicles are known as the root of our hair and these follicles are connected to blood vessels

And through blood vessels, hair follicles get oxygen and nutrient-rich blood which is useful for our hair growth

And around these hair follicles due for any reason the Hormone name DHT takes place around it

The presence of the DHT Hormone shrinks the blood vessels which breaks the flow of blood and oxygen reaching hair follicles

When there is no connection of blood and oxygen to hair follicles the hair gets weak and dull and after some time it falls

Usually when hair falls its normal as a person loses 4 to 5 hair daily but the problem arises when this number increases

And after falling when the hair doesn’t grow back then it leads to baldness as the scalp becomes infertile

Now we can easily understand does rogaine really and if yes how it works.

Rogaine is a solution that needs to be applied to the scalp affect area it enters the scalp and reaches hair follicles

When it reaches hair follicles it slowly clears the DHT hormone around the hair follicles

It then expands the blood vessels and increases the blood flow

Which re-establish Oxygen and nutrient-rich blood in hair follicles which naturally promote hair growth

It prevents the hair from falling and revives the dead follicles it gives strength and health to existing hair

So in this Rogaine naturally promotes hair regrowth without any side effect

Best way to use Rogaine Minoxidil

It is very important to use rogaine correctly for effective result

And one has to use this rogaine solution for 4 to 5 months regularly for visible results and it is used on slightly wet hair

  • Apply the solution to the scalp and massage with that solution gently
  • Leave your hair untouched for the next few hours
  • Avoid going to sunlight after immediate use
  • Do not mix it with any oil or shampoo
  • It should be used by people above the age of 18 years only and pregnant women should avoid using it

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