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Foligain and Rogaine Hair loss treatment which one is better

Foligain and Rogaine Hair loss treatment which one is better

Foligain and Rogaine Hair loss treatment which one is better

Rogaine Hair Loss Treatment For Men 

Hair loss and Minoxidil relation are known by everyone anyone who is facing or going through a phase of hair fall knows about Minoxidil

Minoxidil is made by different brands in different Composition so the buyer often confuses what to choose and which one will treat their hair loss best

People confuse between two popular brands Rogaine and Foligain user often confuses which is best and which one to choose

Both brands come in 2% composition and 5% composition, 2% for women and 5% for men but Foligain Minoxidil also comes in 10% variant

Rogaine and Foligain both come in solution and foam variants but this minoxidil have their own benefits which use to treat different type of hair loss

So which Minoxidil brand is best to buy for effective use and the quick result?

Before coming to Rogaine and Foligain let’s understand what hair fall is and how Minoxidil treats it

Hair fall and its Symptoms and Minoxidil

Symptoms in Men

Receding of hair line – In this a person start losing their hair from front part of their scalp in the shape or pattern of M or W

Hair thinning – In this the hair of a person begins to weak and start losing their strength

After some time their hair become thin and begins to fall

Itching and irritation on scalp – Itching and irritation is a common symptom that a person may have fungal or bacterial infection

These Fungal and bacterial infection should be treating properly otherwise it leads to serious problem of hair loss

Regular Increase in hair loss – A Normal person lose around 10 to 12 hair a day it is normal

But if a person start losing more than 10 to 12 hair and the number of losing hair increasing continuously than this may lead to hair loss

Rogaine Hair Loss best For Hair Regrowth 

Symptoms in Women

Handful of hair – Every women loses some of their hair while combing that’s normal

But if their hair loss is more than average than don’t ignore that sign it can lead to a serious problem of hair fall

Thinning of hair – A women hair begins to lose their strength you can find it by volume of ponytail

Earlier the ponytail of a women use to be heavy and bulky and if now it is weak then it is a sign of hair fall

Bald Spots – Some women gets bald spots on their head in different areas over scalp this is a complete sign of a hair loss

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How Rogaine and Foligain help fight hair loss

  • Both  can also help you fight hereditary baldness
  • it is topical 5% solution
  • Both will help you in fighting Hairfall and dandruff and also grow new hairs on your scalp
  • it will provide all essential nutrients to your scalp so that DHT will not block the growth of the hair
  • Both is approved by the FDA so it is safe and you can directly buy them from our website
  • it will help you in fighting the problem of thinning of hair

Foligain and Rogaine Minoxidil

Rogaine and Foligain Minoxidil is the affordable solution for hair loss in men and women

On our scalp, there are hair follicles (roots of our hair) on which our hair grows but due to the presence of DHT and estrogen in hair follicles

There is a contraction in blood vessels that stops contact of blood flow and oxygen to hair follicles

As there is no proper blood circulation hair begins to weak and starts falling but minoxidil can reverse this process

Minoxidil when applied to scalp penetrates the scalp and revives the dead follicles and enters the roots of the hair

At the root of hairs it clears presence of DHT and expands blood vessels which promote blood flow and oxygen to the root of the scalp

Due to this it promotes hair regrowth and hair start regrowth on the scalp there are many brands that manufacture Minoxidil such as Rogaine and Foligain

How Rogaine and Foligain are different from each other

Both Rogaine and Foligain is popular and well-known brand for Minoxidil But there are some points that can help you choose Minoxidil according to your need

  • Rogaine is used to treat Overall hair loss (Baldness) whereas Foligain is used to treat hairline receding
  • Foligain is new in the market as compared to Rogaine, Rogaine is the oldest brand which manufactures Minoxidil Rogaine for a long time
  • Rogaine comes in 2 and 5% variants whereas Foligain also comes in 2 and 5% variants along with 10% Variant too
  • Both Rogaine and Foligain is quickly absorbed by the scalp but Foligain comes with tricho prime technology which ensure it is evenly spread over scalp

Now it is easy for you to choose Minoxidil brand according to your use both the brand are good but use to treat the different patterns of alopecia

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