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How does Minoxidil helps in combating the Hair fall?

How does Minoxidil helps in combating the Hair fall?

How does Minoxidil helps in combating the Hair fall?

How does Minoxidil helps in combating the Hair fall?

Many people can witness that these minoxidil pills are much more effective. When we talk about how to stop hair fall then these minoxidil product comes out into other forms. These pills were used for treating hypertension. Hence, it was considered as vasodilator here, vasodilator means, which lower the blood pressure by increasing the blood vessels. Since these pills were used to expanding the blood vessels which lowers the blood pressure. However, it helps in promoting the blood vessels along with small tiny pores on our skin called hair follicle, which stops the hair loss.

There is no actual proof that how much effectively minoxidil works in preventing the hair fall. Another theory that says minoxidil helps in hair loss by inhibiting the production of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) as it is the primary element in hair fall. However, many people believe that minoxidil is an effective way to prevent hair loss perhaps it doesn’t help in regrowth of the hair. Moreover, it works on your hair that still you have hindered the process of hair growth and lessening the hair fall.

Before you use this product consult your doctor once about it any substance that affects the blood flow in your body and blood vessel can cause some harsh effects in your body.

Which is a more effective minoxidil pill or topical minoxidil pill?

It is difficult to say which pill is much effective whether minoxidil pill or topical pill as minoxidil works in the indifferent form that it is said to take. Before you use any other kind of medication or minoxidil either if it is for treating sickness or preventing hair loss, it is recommended that consult your doctor once before using it. As your doctor will tell you how hair fall can be stopped either by using minoxidil or by taking the proper dosage of the drug.

Do Topical Minoxidil are effective or not?

According to the research, It has been acknowledged that Minoxidil are said to be most successful when it comes to treating hair loss, the drugs are likely to endure the effectiveness, safe use of this product and has been approved by the experts. Now we can say that topical Minoxidil is much effective and can give excellent results. The Minoxidil and Rogaine are the same as the product but the difference between these two is that they both are the difference in terms of the name.

The ingredients used in these products are alcohol, propylene glycol, and water. It has been recommended that apply the topical Minoxidil twice in a day especially in those areas where there is baldness. The medication comes either in the form of droplets or spray form or in the form of foam. The product is available in different concentration, these are 2 %, 3%, 5% and recently in 15%.

The commonly used concentrations are 2%, and 5%, it is said that the 5% Minoxidil brings the amazing the results in the men than those of 2%. While in women 2% of concentration is said to be effective. Minoxidil is said to be more effective but it is not effective for all the users. While others might experience any growth in the hair for 2 years. These drugs are meant for expanding blood vessels. It increases the circulation of oxygen. Topical Minoxidil is commonly known for dandruff and itchiness on the scalp to get rid of these problems then you should shampoo your hair that protects, and cleanse your scalp. This reduces the amount of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), The hormones are derived from the testosterone which is an important hormone in men for voice, muscles, facial development like beards, mustache, and sexual functions.

Other product may modify the level of hormone called testosterone in men. This may lead to poor sex drive or sexual activities and there is a problem in maintaining an erection. Women can use minoxidil not Finasteride as men use it. Thus minoxidil has more advantages than those of other product. As our major concern is 100 % of hair growth then it will be better to use the combination of treatment like Finasteride and Minoxidil. People who have undergone with transplant of hair they are said to get the minoxidil treatment right after the surgery being performed. After the surgery you may experience that there will be loss of hair thus, it is normal and then the drug will be used to stop the hair loss. The usage of the drug is not more than for 2 weeks and later it will be discontinued once it has served its purpose to stop the hair loss.

 To know How Minoxidil is working for treating the baldness:

  • Minoxidil works excellently for the younger men who fall in this age category 18 to 41.
  • The study states that the men who apply minoxidil can experience hair growth on an average increase in 32 per centimeter of hair count.
  • It is only useful for the treatment of the baldness on the top or center of your scalp and vertex.
  • In the large area of the baldness, this treatment is said to be ineffective
  • This product stimulates the hair in the final growth to the hair fall so that new hair can begin to grow
  • In minoxidil it allows the nutrients oxygen and blood to reach the small pores on our skin called hair follicle which, however, encourages the growth of new hair by shedding the old hair.
  • Minoxidil should be applied on your scalp and if you want the better results then leave it for 4 hours before you wash off.
  • Hormone that causes baldness does not affect the DHT as it is to be applied twice in a day.

Minoxidil comes in another form not only in the topical form as some people might not be comfortable with this form so they can switch to another if they want. The other forms are as powerful as topical minoxidil.


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