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Kirkland Minoxidil before and after beard

Kirkland Minoxidil before and after beard

Kirkland Minoxidil before and after beard

Kirkland Minoxidil before and after beard

Beard and Mustaches (Dream) of many… yes it is still a dream for many people, it is not just a trend it is a part of our personality that makes us look bold and confident a perfect beard and a sharp mustache make a man look like a Gentlemen but for some people fail in this as they try to grow facial hairs and they fail miserably but Kirkland Minoxidil for beard will help you in beard growth, Beard and mustache is not something that you can buy from somewhere A well-maintained beard shows confidence and patience

Why do some people have heavy beards and for some, it becomes a challenge to grow a beard?

it is based on genetics as well as hormones there is always someone around us who are having a heavy beard and we want to wish for the same too but if he can have a beard then why can’t I..? it is because he is having more hair follicles so that he can grow denser, coarse beard than other, testosterone gets converted into the hair follicle to a more potent from dihydrotestosterone (DHT) many hair follicles have receptors on them that are very sensitive to this higher of testosterone, DHT and that will stimulate hair growth in a simple language it’s hair follicles on the face are more sensitive to effects of a form of testosterone which can help to stimulate thicker and longer hair growth in the area of the body like the beard and there are some other reasons too such as fungal infection or autoimmune disorders that can make you grow your desired beard difficult

How Kirkland Minoxidil can help you in growing a beard?

let us first understand how beard grows in our face there are follicles in our face protein-based cell in your hair follicles start developing into hair blood vessels around the follicle fuel the protein cells and help hair grow progressively  longer and Minoxidil expand the blood vessels and make follicles bigger to help in hair growth is influenced by testosterone and DHT than scalp hair and Kirkland Minoxidil for beard help in boosting this hormone which will make it easy for you to grow a beard

  • Minoxidil activates potassium in the beard area which will help you in boost facial hair follicles circulation
  • it also increases prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) levels which are known to help hair growth

Who can use Kirkland Minoxidil?

Anyone who is above the age of 18 can use this but if you are below the age of 18 then you should avoid using Minoxidil because in teenagers puberty ends by 16 and by the age of 18 it is safe for anybody to use it

How to use Kirkland Minoxidil for beard and mustache growth?

Before applying the Minoxidil on your face wash your face properly with a face wash that is suitable for your skin so that all the dust will be removed from your face

Make your face slightly wet it has been seen that it works best on a slightly wet face

  • Get Kirkland Minoxidil equal according to your use
  • Apply a small amount of solution to your beard
  • Repeat this twice a day for at least 16 weeks

And in the next few weeks, you can easily see the result

And for an effective result you should use it twice a day once in the morning and the next in the Evening it also works on patchy and hard beards so that all the area of your face is covered with the beard and there is no more patchy beard and your facial hairs become smooth and gentle too so there is no more problem of itching in a long beard

We know how important a beard is for a man every time a man who wishes for a beard when seeing himself in a mirror wish that if he also has a long and healthy beard because a beard enhances our overall personality and makes you complete but many people don’t have it and it becomes a dream for many even in the 20s some people doesn’t have a proper beard  but in my opinion, you should not wait why wish for something when you can have  it if you are above 18 so don’t wait for long and start using Kirkland Minoxidil for beard growth many people have some common doubt in mind let’s talk about these doubt one by one

Is it safe to use – yes it is completely safe to use it has no as such harmful side effects as it is approved by FDA so you trust on it

For how long do we have to use it – For effective result, you have to use it for a minimum of 18 weeks to see an effective result

Can it solve my problem with a patchy beard – yes if you are also having a problem with patchy then you should go for Kirkland Minoxidil for beard growth because it is better to not have a beard rather than have a patchy beard?

After using it do I have to face acne problems – No you shouldn’t worry about all this it is completely safe and gentle on your skin and you will not have problems like acne

In earlier times there is no science  and medical development so the person has to satisfy himself by assuming that he can never have a beard or beard doesn’t suit him as time changed and we have made growth in medical science so we have used this Minoxidil because the beard is also an important part of our body and start using Kirkland Minoxidil for beard growth Many users directly buy it from Shopuskart online shopping and use it and they have seen positive result in beard growth even you shouldn’t wait for long because your beard will also take some time to grow but shouldn’t wait for more you should order it now from our website and start using Kirkland Minoxidil beard growth and see a positive result and healthy beard on your face


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