Mintop Minoxidil Forte 5% Solution 60 ml


About the Product

Gentle on Scalp

Safe to use as approved by FDA

60 ml one month supply best for starting days

Proven to strengthen hair and cure all hair problems

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Mintop Minoxidil Forte 5% Solution 60 ml

Mintop Minoxidil promotes dermal papillary cells (hair cell)

Mintop activates the ERK (extracellular signal-regulated Kinase)

It increases ratio of BCI-2/Bax which prevents death of a cell

Mintop is classified under vasodilator drug

It opens adenosine triphospate sensitive channels in vascular smooth cells

It expands blood vessels which promotes hair regrowth

Use it twice a day once in morning and once at night for effective result

Mintop covers overall scalp and best for every hair related problem


Cautions need to be taken

It is not a solution for hair loss due to chemotherapy

A person younger than 18 should not use it

If a person is suffering from hypertension then he should avoid it

Excessive use of Mintop is not recommended

Older person above 65 should avoid using it


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