Mintop Yuva Solution 5% Minoxidil View Uses, Side Effects

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Minoxidil Best solution for hair fall and genetic hair loss

Mintop Yuva 5% Minoxidil Solution best for patchy hair loss

Skin friendly and easy to absorb on scalp

One month supply for trial version


Mintop Yuva Solution 5% Minoxidil

Wash your hands before using it

Mintop Yuva Solution is a vasodilators class of medications

Natural ingredient makes it skin friendly and avoid irritation and itching

When applied to scalp it reaches to deep root and stimulate hair regrowth

It prevents the cell death on a scalp which reduce blockage of hair follicles

It promotes the hair cell which

Using it twice a day as recommended by doctor works effectively

Mintop Minoxidil topical 5% best for hair growth in man

It reduces risk of bacterial and fungal infection


It is recommended for hair loss due to medical treatment

Regular use for 3 to 4 months for visible results

In starting days of usage user notice usual hair fall but it common

Blow dryer or hair dryer your hair after its use should be avoided


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