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Rogaine Foam And Solution which one is better for You

Rogaine Foam And Solution which one is better for You
Rogaine Foam And Solution which one is better for You

Rogaine Foam And Solution which one is better for You

Rogaine Foam And Solution Best Minoxidil For Hair Regrowth

We all wish to have that long and perfect beard and during the time of quarantine we all try to keep it too

But only one out of a hundred can achieve that goal and the rest of ninety-nine fail miserably

So what is the difference between that ninety people and that one person is it all on genes or anything other also affects it

And what is more important than that is if you can really grow it or not and can see that beard on your face

Every man dream of keeping that long and healthy beard but it is not easy as it seems

And there are many reasons why a man loves his beard more than anything it is not facial hair it is the pride

Keeping a fully grown healthy beard gives you charm and confidence and there are many health benefits too

Rogaine Foam Minoxidil 5% For Men

Like some of the health benefits mentioned below

  • A Healthy and thick beard can protect you from UV rays and minimize the risk of getting cancer
  • Shaving open pores on the face that leads to the scalp and a beard can protect you from that
  • Beard makes you look more mature attractive and healthy
  • Beard shows patience and makes you look more confident than other people
  • It acts as a natural filter for dust, pollutant, and other bacteria
  • Beard makes you look young by reducing the pollutant and keeping skin cells healthy
  • A strong and healthy beard keeps your skin wrinkle free
  • Along with the looks, it also keeps your skin moist
  • It increases the presence of protein-based cells which keeps your face looking good and healthy

But what should the people who find it hard to grow a beard for them Rogaine is the answer?

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Why is it so hard to grow a beard?

It is all connected to cells inside the body, cells that promote beard growth are protein-based cell

Due to this cell, the facial hair grows but what exactly are the reason for the patchy beard or no beard

Many people connect beard growth with testosterone level, the higher the testosterone level thicker the beard

But this all is a misconception yes testosterone level affects beard growth but only to some extent


It depends on the genes of a person you have a friend who can grow a perfect beard without any efforts

Do you know why it all depends on his genes their father and grandfather also have a good growth of hair.

DHT when mixed with the receptor of hair follicles promotes facial hair it depends on the genes


It also depends on age if you are in your 20s then your facial hair gets thick as you age

And after the 20s it stops getting thick and grows it will remain as it used to be it will not go further along with that

Medical history

If a person has some medical history due to which their protein level and testosterone level in body gets affected

Due to this also it is hard for many people to grow beards as some medical problems affect the protein-based cell on the face

Low testosterone level

As mentioned above that testosterone level also affects beard growth the one who has a low level of testosterone

For them, it is hard for them to grow a beard and if their beard comes it appears to be patchy

So these are a few reasons why a person finds it hard to grow a beard

Rogaine Foam And Solution and facial hair growth

Rogaine Foam minoxidil is made up of minoxidil solution which when applied to the face enters the skin and opens pores

It provides require nutrient to follicles which promote facial hair growth and gives you a strong and healthy beard

Rogaine is a topical solution that increases the blood flow to hair follicles connecting to the skin

And it also opens new pores and increases the level of testosterone naturally in the body

It is when applied to the skin it binds with DHT and promotes facial hair growth which gives you a thicker and healthy beard

Rogaine is proven for effective beard growth in men and it has no side effects anyone above the age of 18 can use

But one thing should be kept in mind that it is important to use the Rogaine solution properly for the best result

So what is the best way of using rogaine minoxidil for facial hair growth?

An effective way to use Rogaine for facial hair

One should keep in mind that it should be kept away from the eyes as it is harmful to the eyes so use it carefully on the skin only

It is used on slightly wet faces so that there is no dirt and dust left there and Rogaine can easily get into the skin

  • Take a few drops of Rogaine solution on your hand and apply it to the face (beard area)
  • Massage with solution gently in a circular motion for a few minutes so that solution is evenly spread on the face
  • Leave it untouched for the next few hours and repeat this process for 3 to 4 months for effective use

There is something kept in mind that one should not do with Rogaine

  • Do not mix Rogaine solution with oil or shampoo
  • Avoid going to sunlight after immediate use
  • And do not touch your face after applying oil

Shopuskart for Rogaine

We import our Rogaine from the US as there is no manufacturing of Rogaine in India and many fake products are sold in name of rogaine

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We will ensure that the Genuine Rogaine is delivered to you and our service will take you back to us and you will feel satisfied

So, if you want a full thick, and healthy beard then Buy Rogaine Minoxidil in India from our site Shopuskart and live life stress-free.

Rogaine is safe and the best solution to all your beards so buy it now from Shopuskart and make your hair strong and healthy


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