SugarBear women’s Multi Vegan omega 3 Multi Vitamin One month


Omega 3 rich Multi Vitamin gummies for women

60 gummies per bottle for one month regular use

Rich in Omega 3, Vitamin B-12, C, D and many micro nutrients for women missing in daily diet

Contain Vegan source amino acids which aid in collagen production

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SugarBear women’s Multi Vegan omega 3 Multi Vitamin One month

2 gummies per day for whole day nutrient supply

Keep muscles and bones healthy and strong and fulfill deficiency in body

Made in USA free of artificial sweeteners made with all natural ingredient

Women’s Multivitamin from SugarBear is 100% Vegan, certified Halal and certified Kosher

SugarBear hair vitamin contain 13 vitamin and mineral to support healthy hair and nail

Free from dairy, gluten and gelatin with zero side effect

Easy to intake just chew and swallow gums

Gentle on stomach and increase digestion

Any person above age of 13 year can use it without doctor consultation


SuperBear Gums is not intend to treat or cure any disease

Multi Vitamin gummies from SugarBear is not to taken with any liquid

Use at least three to six month for best visible result


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