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Transformation of minoxidil from a high blood pressure drug to hair loss drug

Transformation of minoxidil from a high blood pressure drug to hair loss drug

Transformation of minoxidil from a high blood pressure drug to hair loss drug

Transformation of minoxidil from a high blood pressure drug to a hair loss drug

Minoxidil originated from lengthy research, which was conducted by Upjohn chemists in the year 1960. They figured out the stomach acid effect of the compound from a chemical catalog, which is named “DAM” (N, N- diallymelamine). On examining:

  • They come out with the results that DAM can decrease blood pressure in dogs or pets, not in humans.
  • In 1961 they choose for DAM-Metabolites’ which is DAMN-O it was tested on patients who were suffering from high blood pressure. Thus, we experienced lowering blood pressure, which later on had side effects such as water retention, and heart failure. Eventually, they decided to withdraw DAMN-O from their study.

Further, the Upjohn researchers estimated that various analogs of DAMN-O can be avoided and keep the side effects aside and this also includes minoxidil. During clinical trials, it was observed that minoxidil leads to lowering blood pressure with minimum side effects. Along with this beta-blocker and various treatments for heart failure were added to overturn the salt and water retention/bloating in the study. Later people got the result that minoxidil can help in regrowth of the hair.

 How do minoxidil function and help in reducing hair loss?

Minoxidil is also known as a potent vasodilator(Vasodilation is the widening of blood vessels.), which helps in encouraging hair growth. When minoxidil is applied on top of  the scalp:

  • Through the medium of enzyme sulfonyl transferase (transfer of sulfo group from a donor molecule to an acceptor molecule), it transforms Minoxidil sulfite into an active form.
  • The potential channel gets open which helps in the expansion of blood vessels and the hyper-polarization (changes in the cell membrane, which makes it more negative).
  • Eagerly the availability to the hair follicles (small pocket-like holes in our skin) is made by oxygen on the areas of the scalp, which thereby, results in hair growth by adaptation of Telogen(the resting phase of a hair follicle) into anagen(the growing phase of a hair follicle).
  • It directly encourages growth through the activation of prostaglandin endoperoxide synthase-1 (PGHS-1, main isoform present in the dermal papilla cells), In humans, that enzyme is encoded by the PTGS-1 gene.
  • dermal papilla cells (cells isolated from the hair papilla of normal human scalp hair follicles.) increase in number by activating ß-catenin activity and also stimulate through the induction of CK2.

How to choose the products for hair loss?

1- Check the ingredients:

Make sure you have checked the list of ingredients before buying Rogaine the Minoxidil product. Make a note that the product must contain powerful substances called Minoxidil which prevents damage to hair follicles.

2- Approved by the FDA:

Before buying the product make sure that the ingredient of this product is approved by FDA or medical authority. This will help in monitoring those products, which can cause side effects due to the usage of low-quality ingredients in it.

3- Accurate amount of vitamins and minerals:

Bear in mind that your diet should be consists of an accurate amount of vitamins and minerals, intake of vitamin B6, Biotin, zinc, and magnesium for maintaining the healthy growth of the hair, and also it will facilitate regrowth.

4- Buy hair loss lotions:

Choose hair lotions to hair loss pills as they are considered best for your hair. The reason being lotions have the flexibility to apply on the affected areas therefore; it will give you better results.

5- Specified dosage:

Remember that you use the specified dosage of this product at specific times. While, some people overuse this product, as they think that they will achieve a better result in a short period. Perhaps it will have harmful side effects so it is to be advised that use the product as per the dosage specified and strictly follow it if you don’t want any kind of side effects.

Does Minoxidil works effectively and shows you the desired result:

As you all might be in a dilemma whether it works excellently or not hence gives you the desired results so the answer is yes, it does. If you use stronger solutions you will get better results, secondly, you have to combine DHT inhibitors for instance Azelaic Acid or Finasteride as only the usage of simple minoxidil is not enough. If you use a combination treatment, it will give you the best results than just minoxidil on its own. The main problem with this treatment arises is that it Is topical which means you have to apply it to your scalp twice a day. It’s not effective as all treatments don’t get effective results and are absorbed into your scalp as effectively as pills.

Points to be thought through before ordering minoxidil :

1-  Order online :

You can order minoxidil online with shopuskart or by calling on the number which is displayed on the tv screens in short telecalling. Either you order in the form of a topical solution of minoxidil or in the form of minoxidil pills.

2-  Understand the product:

Before ordering your minoxidil make sure that you have understood your product thoroughly and read how it does affects on the body, the ingredients listed on the product, and so on.

3-  Go through the researches:

According to the research it has been proven that minoxidil helps in fighting with the hair loss thus, it helps in expanding the blood vessels in the roots of the hair this hlps in circulating the blood around the area where your hair grows is hair follicle. Another study states that minoxidil helps in blocking the DHT, which is the cause of male pattern hair loss, or hair thinning.

4-  Learn about it’s side effects:

People experience the following side effects those who have intake it for the blood pressure and for the hair fall. The side effects are:

  1. i) Nausea
  2. ii) Weight gain

iii)   Bloating/ water or salt retention

  1. iv) Drowsiness
  2. v) Chest pain

5-  Seek for doctor’s advice:

Before you are likely to start using this Rogaine Foam product,


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