Tugain 10% Foam By Cipla For hair Loss Treatment


About the product

Tugain Foam is better and easy to use then solution

Topical 10 % minoxidil solution makes Tugain best hair treatment in man

60 ml pack for 1 month supply

Tugain is clinically proven solution for genetically hair loss

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Tugain 10% Foam By Cipla For hair Loss Treatment

Tugain foam is easy to use as it is applied directly  to scalp

One spray of Tugain foam is recommended per use

It covers your overall scalp and easily absorbed by scalp

Tugain foam reduces the chance of fungal infection

Tugain has anti dandruff properties

Foam prevents cell death which makes scalp fertile

Tugain comes under vasodilator class of drugs

It is best for genetically or hereditary hair loss in men

Foam reaches more easily to deep root as compared to solution

Tugain foam clears the DHT blockage and makes blood and oxygen contact to hair follicles


How to use

Using it twice a day for 3 to months show best result

Use of oil and cream with Tugain is not recommended

Dry and wash your scalp before using Tugain foam

Do not use it more than twice a day


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