VAGINAL CONTRACEPTIVE GEL Extra Strength (2.85oz) 81g


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  • The vaginal Contraceptive gel is slightly lubricated
  • It is a contraceptive gel for condoms and diaphragm
  • This contraceptive gel has Nonxynol – 9-based formula for prevention
  • The vaginal contraceptive gel provides you with protection against pregnancy
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VAGINAL CONTRACEPTIVE GEL Extra Strength (2.85oz) 81g

it is non-hormonal gel that provides you protection against unwanted pregnancy

This gel is to apply to the vagina only

One should not go for rimming after applying this

This gel is unscented and water soluble

Life of vaginal Contraceptive vaginal gel is approx 3 hours

The vaginal gel is much better than the vaginal film

You have to apply this gel one hour before intercourse

The vaginal gel has no side effect

This gel won’t feel to you and your partner during intercourse

Vaginal gel destroys sperm entering the vagina

The vaginal contraceptive gel is 100% safe

This gel does not injure your vagina and penis

The vaginal contraceptive gel can be used with another contraceptive method too


This gel is not used for anal sex

If you or your partner feels itching do not use it

This gel is not safe for STDs

This vaginal gel is used by adults only

One should read instructions carefully before use

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    The gel is easy to apply

    The gel is easy to apply and is designed to be inserted into the vagina prior to sexual activity. It should be applied 15 minutes before intercourse and will remain effective for up to 24 hours.

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