Virginity Pills Fake Blood Capsules 2 Pcs


Simple and safe to use

Manufacture in Germany

2 Pcs for best use

Use by millions of people across world

Best for first night sexual pleasure

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Virginity Pills Fake Blood Capsules 2 Pcs

Make your first night memorable with your loving partner and Virginity pills

These Virgin Capsules has main component of Virgin Blood Powder and you have insert it in your vagina before intercourse

These virgin capsules are not harmful for your health and has no side effect it completely dissolves in your vagina and do not mix with blood

During intercourse it comes out of vagina as a natural trace of blood and make you and your partner feel like a virgin

These pills is meant to keep inside vagina just before intercourse but not more than two hour before intercourse

Virginity pills is made for women who want to remember his first night or for those who want to make it count on wedding night

Vaginal pills is simple, fast, secure & convenient to use

Use by millions of users and has no side effects notice.

Safe to use no harmful side effects and safe to use

Store in a dry place

Comes with shelf life of 12 months

No need of doctor consultation tested and trusted by millions


For external use only

Don’t use any other cream or lotion with it

Should not be consume as a food or medical pill

Virginity Pills caps

Virginity Pills capsule result







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