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Where to buy biotin in India and what is the Benefit?

Where to buy biotin in India and what is the Benefit?

Where to buy biotin in India and what is the Benefit?

Where to buy biotin in India and what is the Benefit?

Biotin is a water soluble vitamin which is also known by the name of vitamin H

It is a part of Vitamin B Family Your body needs biotin to converts nutrients into energy

It is very useful in hair, Skin and Nails growth and found effective in their growth

  • if a person is not getting enough biotin a person may experience hair loss or scaly red rash
  • Biotin is a vitamin which is found in small amounts in very less foods
  • it is used for treating biotin deficiency associated with pregnancy, long term tube feeding, malnutrition and rapid weight loss
  • It is beneficial in Hair loss , treatment of brittle nails, Skin rash in Infants
  • It is used in Diabetes and mild depression

Do Biotin really works?

Biotin is very helpful in the treatment of skin, nail and hair loss doctors and researchers finds it very effective in the our body Many studies shows that if a person has a defficiency of biotin in body he may suffer from hair loss , skin problem or nail problem

A person usually speends a lot of their hard earned money for the treatment of skin and hair and the fess of dermatologist is very high and many dermatologist recommend finds biotin defficinecy as a reason for hair loss and skin problem

Doctor usually prescribe biotin supplement as a part of medicine for treatment So lets understand one by one how biotin is useful in treatment of hair, skin and nail treatment

Biotin and Hair Growth?

Have you or anyone related to you ever visited to dermatologist the first thing a doctor do is perform several test to find out the reason of hair problem

And in many cases doctor find that the main problem is deficiency of Biotin and then a doctor recommend Biotin supplement to cure problem

So the question arises how biotin works for hair loss

Keratin is a basic form of protein that makes up hair and many studies shows that biotin improves your body’s keratin structure

and when there is  defficiency of biotin in body then the structure of keratin changes and it affects the overall growth of your hair and can lead to haiar thinning and hair loss

Many studies is conducted in past to know about is biotin is really effective in both men and women

So they were given  protein supplement containing biotin twice a day for 90 days and a positive result is find in the user who uses it continuously

Researchers find that a person who take biotin in protein supplement experienced a significant amount of hair growth in area affected by hair loss

Biotin and Nail?

Biotin is a B-complex vitamin known as B7 it promotes healthy cell growth and promote the metabolism of protein building amino acid which is essentail for nail growth

it strengthen the fingernails and the studies shows that a person who uses biotin per day for six weeks to seven weeks have a stronger and healthy nails

Nail problem is very rare only 10 out of 1000 person experience this but the one who faces it only knows that how painful this is? Half or no nails on fingertips is very scary

And biotin is proven to be a remedy for this problem and one who uses biotin finds positive result in their nail growth just after few weeks of use

Biotin and Skin problem?

People always uses different product for glowing and healthy skin and people uses different supplements like collagen for healthy and glowing skin

Biotin is also useful in glowing skin and it is proven in many studies if a person is suffering from defficiency of biotin have cracking skin on sides of mouth, rashes and cradle cap

And when a person start taking biotin again they can fight this problem and also have a healthy and glowing skin

Biotin is useful in treatment of following things-

  • Hair loss
  • Diabetes
  • Diabetic nerve pain
  • Brittle fingernails and toe nails

And many more problem

Daily dose recommendation of Biotin according to diffferent age group

Biotin defficiency is rare so FDA has reccomended a dietary allowance based on person’s age, sex and health

Birth to 3 years – 10 to 20 micrograms

4 years to 6 years – twenty five micrograms

7 years to 10 years – thirthy micrograms

Anyone above 10 year – A daily dose between 30 to 100 micrograms

Pregnant women need a higher dose of biotin so they should consult their doctor

These are daily dose recommended by FDA

Some Benefits of Biotin

  • Clear and healthy skin
  • Good Hair days
  • Stronger Nails
  • High metabolism
  • Good Immune system
  • Improve brain function

Shopuskart for Biotin

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Biotin is a panacea for hair, Skin and nail problems and proven to be a useful and healthy for skin, hair and nail so if you are also thinking of getting biotin then order it from shopuskart only


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