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Which Minoxidil is best Minoxidil for hair Regrowth in India

Which Minoxidil is best Minoxidil for hair Regrowth in India

Which Minoxidil is best Minoxidil for hair Regrowth in India

Which Minoxidil is the best Minoxidil for hair Regrowth in India

When it comes to Hair loss first thing that strikes our mind as a solution is Minoxidil

Minoxidil is used for the treatment of hair loss it is the best-known medicine available in Shopuskart that is used for the treatment of hair loss

As mentioned above Minoxidil is because everybody recommends this medicine as there is no side effect of Minoxidil

And as it is approved by FDA it is safe to use

Many users of Minoxidil find that it is more efficient than other medicines available in the Shopuskart

As it shows the positive result after using it for a few months but I still user get confused

When comes to choosing Minoxidil because it comes in many different brands and different composition

In this article, we will talk about the best Minoxidil present in the market for the treatment of Hair loss

Before finding the best Minoxidil we should know what Minoxidil is and how it works on hair loss

Minoxidil and how it works for hair loss

Minoxidil was earlier used to treat the problem of blood pressure in the patients

But many users’ finds that there is a positive growth in their growth after using Minoxidil for a few months

After getting positive reviews from patients research is conducted in America and it is found that Minoxidil is really helpful in hair regrowth from there it is recommended by doctors for treatment of hair loss and regrowth of hair

There are so many reasons behind hair loss some of them are  

  • Unhealthy diet and Imbalanced lifestyle
  • Genetic Hair loss
  • Hair loss due to medication (During chemotherapy many patients lose their hair)
  • After giving birth to a child
  • fungal or bacterial infection 

And many more these are some common reasons behind hair loss and as there are the different reasons for hair loss there are different types of hair loss too such as

And many more type of Hair loss people faces a different type of hair loss and Minoxidil prove to be effective in every type of hair loss

Signs of Hair loss

Hereditary Hair loss – If your parent or grandparent has no or less hair on your scalp then there is a high chance that you have to also face this problem as this is in your bloodline

Some people this is a concern for a man in a family but now a day’s woman is also facing hereditary hair loss just their Hair fall pattern is different as compared to a man

Women don’t lose their overall hair from their scalp they just lose the volume (thickness of hair)

Receding hairline – This problem is mainly seen in men as they start losing their hair from their forehead in an M or W shape this makes men look partially bald

In women, their become hair becomes thin which makes their scalp visible from their head

Patchy bald spots – In this problem a person encounter patchy bald spot in their head at different part distancing from each other which make their hair look half bald

A handful of hair – In this person scares to comb their hair as every time they comb their hair they find their comb full of hair which seems to be  very scary a person who is facing this problem can only understand how scary this problem is

Which is the Best Minoxidil Available

Kirkland and Rogaine is the best Minoxidil Brand available for Hair solutions it is proven that Kirkland and Rogaine is far better than any Other Minoxidil Brand

Kirkland and Rogaine is made with propellant glycol and Butylene glycol which makes them more effective and ensure that solution is applied to the overall affected area

This Minoxidil won’t dry your scalp which makes your scalp itchy and one with a sensitive scalp can easily use these brands of Minoxidil

They both come in two Composition

  • 2% for Women
  • 5% for Men

Both this Minoxidil is safe and easy to use they come in two variants Foam and solution which are absorbed by the scalp easily and promote hair Regrowth

The medical reason behind Hair loss and how Minoxidil clinically treats it

Our scalp is a crown of our head in which there are different pores known as follicles on which our hair grows or you can say these follicles are the roots of our hair due to which our hair stands strong on our scalp

But due to many different reasons mention above these start damage and there is no supply of blood and oxygen with our hair follicles a hormone name DHT blocks the path and contracts the blood vessels that carry oxygen and blood to hair follicles

Minoxidil when applied to the scalp reaches to the deep root of our scalp and provide all necessary nutrient required for the regrowth of hair and clears the blockage of DHT from hair follicles and expands blood vessels again due to which there is again a blood flow and contact of oxygen to our hair follicle this leads to hair regrowth in patients

Many users who use Minoxidil regularly find it more effective than any other medicine available in market

How to use Kirkland and Rogaine Minoxidil?

You have to use it continuously for 5 to 6 months to get effective results and it is advised to use it on a slightly wet scalp so that there is no dirt and dust on your scalp

  • Take a solution in your hand approx 10 to 15 drops
  • Apply it to your scalp
  • Gently massage your scalp
  • Leave your scalp untouched for the next 5 to 6 hours

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