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  • Compatible Devices :  Cellular Phones
  • Compatible Phone Models :  iphone 8, iphone 13 , Iphone 13 pro, iphone 12 , iphone 12 pro,
  • Wattage :  faster wireless charging up to 15W
  • Power Source :  Corded Electric
  • Item Weight :  1.38 Ounces


Meta: Use Apple Magsafe Charger to experience a new way of charging.

Try Apple MagSafe Charger For Hassle-free Charging

The original MagSafe system, which employed magnets to attach the power connector to an Apple notebook computer, is remembered fondly by most TidBITS readers. It was simpler to connect than any other technique, and if you yanked on the cord too hard or stumbled over it, it would break free from the computer without dragging it off the table. The original MagSafe was excellent, and Apple’s switch to the USB-C connector type for charging, despite its many other advantages, is a significant step backward in terms of user experience.   

Aside from the usage of magnets, the new MagSafe is an entirely different animal. The new MagSafe is completely “wireless,” whereas the original MagSafe was a cable connection with magnetic attachment and strengthening. The Qi “wireless charging” standard is used. 

One persistent issue with Qi charging is that it necessitates the exact placement on a charging pad, and even the tiniest nudge can cause charging to cease. Apple attempted to fix this issue with its AirPower charging pad, which allowed you to lay an iPhone, Apple Watch, or AirPods case anywhere on it. 

Apple’s Plan B solution is MagSafe. Rather than creating a mat that isn’t concerned with positioning, MagSafe uses magnets to ensure that your iPhone always snaps into place and stays there. 

Other fascinating options, such as magnetically attached accessories, are made possible by the magnetic attachment. Apple is selling a leather wallet that snaps onto the back of the iPhone 12, and accessory manufacturers are making automobile mounts. 

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Materials and prices

The MagSafe Charger is a single charging pad with aluminum and soft polyurethane disc that houses reusable rare-earth magnets and a Qi wireless charging coil connected to a 1-meter USB-C cable. The product is priced at Rs. 4000.


Attachable with ease

Other wireless charging-enabled cellphones that do not readily attach to wireless charging pads are solved by placing magnets inside the backside of the iPhone and on the charging interface itself. A MagSafe charger attaches to the back of an iPhone with ease.

Faster Wireless Charging

Sluggish charging speeds have plagued Wireless Charging in the past. Apple’s technology continues to employ the Qi charging standard. New iPhone generations, on the other hand, offer 15W wireless Charging. As a result, it is one of the most rapid technologies available.

Wear and Tear are reduced

One of the benefits of wireless charging is that it eliminates the need to plug and unplug a device from a cable,

which can cause damage to both the charging wires and the charging ports on the devices. It’s worth noting that Apple chargers and cords have a terrible reputation for breaking easily. A wireless charger attaches to a phone magnetically and eliminates wear and strain. 

Accessories that can be purchased separately

The inclusion of a magnetic region on the backside of iPhones expands the range of possible accessories. These include wireless charging power banks, magnetically attached stands and mounts for iPhones, and various accessories such as portable lights and microphones. 


Accessories are costly

The accessories are pretty costly. The MagSafe Charger costs $39.00, while the MagSafe Duo Charger costs $129.00. Supported phone cases range in price from USD 49.00 to USD 59.00, while leather wallets and sleeves cost USD 59.00 and USD 129.000, respectively. 

Charging with USB-C is faster

Of course, one of the wireless Charging’s drawbacks is that it can’t compete with wired Charging. When time is of the essence, and the user has to charge their phone quickly before leaving the house, they should utilize a charging cord and a charging brick that allows fast Charging. 

It’s Not Truly Wireless

In most circumstances, a wireless charger still needs to be linked to a power source. An exception is a wireless power bank. Wireless power transfer, on the other hand, still necessitates the use of a power outlet. While wireless Charging is still limited along with its mobility. 

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Apple has created an entirely new iPhone accessory ecosystem to add functionality to our mobile devices. Let’s see what’s new Apple has come up with this season!


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