Kirkland Minoxidil 5% hair Regrowth For Men 2 Month supply


About the Product

  • Quickly absorbed by the skin and 5% Topical Minoxidil solution beneficial in hair loss
  • Kirkland prevents cell and death and stimulates hair follicles
  • Made from 5% Minoxidil Topical solution and another useful ingredient for hair growth
  • The best solution for men who have general thinning of hair on top of the scalp
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Kirkland Minoxidil 5% Best hair Regrowth

Kirkland is rich in hair protein which gives you thicker and fuller hair

With information booklet inside pack on how to use and have the best result

Kirkland Minoxidil 2 monthly supply has a pack of 2 bottles of 60 ml each for 2 months of regular use

Kirkland has propylene glycol that ensures the solution is evenly applied to the affected area

It is scientifically proven to regrow hair loss due to male pattern baldness

Kirkland Minoxidil shows the best result when used regularly for a few months

It has 5% Minoxidil that nourishes hair follicles to facilitate the hair growth process

FDA Approved makes it safe to use, can be used by doctor’s prescription

Apply 1 ml twice a day to the affected area for a visible result

Make sure the scalp is clean and has no dirt and dust before applying

It treats thinning of hair and balding with Kirkland hair loss treatment

Kirkland Minoxidil 5% used for Scalp, Beard, hairline. 

It prevents hair loss and revives dead follicles

Kirkland Minoxidil buy with cash on delivery from shopuskart


Not to mix with any oil and cream just apply the solution directly to the scalp

Not a solution for hair loss due to medical treatment

I feel itching after use consult your doctor for further use

Not to use on Beard and eyebrow


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    Sushil Jain

    Fast Shipping Thanks Shopuskart

    I am unable to find it in India and another site also does not sell Kirkland minoxidil. Thanks, shopuskart For the fast and free Shipping. and provide me with a genuine product.

    December 9, 2021
    Verified Purchase

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  • Avatar

    Akula Madhu

    Kirkland Great product For beard

    My Beard it’s growing Now in One Month. Kirkland Minoxidil 5% Great product and Quick Result.

    July 29, 2021
    Verified Purchase

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  • Avatar


    Kirkland Minoxidil best for scalp

    I am using Kirkland Minoxidil for scalp after one month showing Result its work thank you for the fast shipping.

    July 5, 2021
    Verified Purchase

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  • Avatar

    Leo Laisharm

    Kirkland Best For hair Regrowth

    Kirkland Minoxidil Is Best for hair Regrowth Thank you for fast delivery.

    July 2, 2021

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    Shopuskart is Best shopping site

    Very Good products and great delivery service by shopuskart.

    April 25, 2021
    Verified Purchase

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