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Minoxidil Top 15 Brands In India For Hair Regrowth

Minoxidil Top 15 Brands In India For Hair Regrowth
Minoxidil Top 15 Brands In India For Hair Regrowth

Minoxidil Top 15 Brands In India For Hair Regrowth

Minoxidil Top 15 Brands In India For Hair Regrowth Men & Women

Hair loss and Minoxidil is complementary to each other, Hair loss can’t be easy phase in anyone’s life

When a person have hair on their head they do not realize there value but when they start losing it there the problem arises

It is not like hair is every other thing in world it is actually a crown of our head and personality

But the real problem arises when a person start losing their hairs along with that he start losing his confidence

Many people think that women only face temporary hair loss they never have baldness thing

Above line is a complete myth in itself Yes, Women also have Hair loss same as men just their pattern and results are different

And in all this mess Minoxidil comes as a hope and a blessing in life of a one who is losing hair

Why this Hair loss?

Scalp has many pores where our hair grows

These hair follicles are the root of our hair it is basically deep inside scalp and with these follicles blood vessels and other important tissues connected

Regular and sufficient flow of blood to these hair follicles provide all necessary nutrient to hair which make them strong and healthy

And as we know for proper nutrient a one has to take proper diet and exercise regularly for proper blood circulation in our body

In today’s hectic life when a person is moving too fast it is possible to track our diet and exercise regularly due to which there is no proper blood flow to hair follicles

Improve and insufficient flow of blood and oxygen to hair follicles makes them weak and it begins to lose their strength and begins to fall

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Some Common reasons behind Hair loss

  • Improper diet (Eating excessive junk food as it has no required nutrient and full of bad fat)
  • No proper exercise due to which there is improper blood flow to hair follicles
  • Stress and Anxiety issues when a person take too much stress or depressed they start facing hair loss
  • Hair loss as a side effect of some medications, Like Chemotherapy during which a person loses its lots of hair
  • Hereditary hair loss, If a person has a genetically history of losing their hair in family there is a high chance that he or she will lose hair too

How Minoxidil Treats Hair loss

Minoxidil comes in Foam and solution and this is directly applied to scalp and when applied to scalp it reaches in deep roots

Hair follicles when contact with contact with minoxidil help to expand blood vessels and due to which there is a better flow of blood and oxygen

It provide all the required nutrient to hair follicles which makes them strong and promotes hair regrowth In that way minoxidil treats hair loss

Along with expansion of blood vessels and better contact of oxygen Minoxidil also reduces the blockage of DHT around hair follicles

DHT is responsible for hair loss and baldness in person, Minoxidil reduces it effect and strengthen hair which make them stand strong

Problem arises when a person knows that minoxidil is best solution for minoxidil but there are so many minoxidil brands available in market that a person confuses which one to use

Before studying about different brands let’s understand different types of alopecia (Hair loss) which makes our choice clear what to choose

As Every Minoxidil treat different kind of Hair loss and one has to choose minoxidil brand according to their need

Different Pattern of Hair loss

Complete or Total Hair loss – In this a person loses overall hair from their scalp and they have no hair left on top of head this also known as baldness

One common reason behind this hereditary or genetically hair loss is that in this a person has genes which make them go bald at a certain age

This is mainly found in male person of a male and now a day’s its developing in female also

Hair line receding – In this a person loses Hair from front of their crown an area just above forehead you can also say it partial loss

In women it’s different either they also loses some hair from front or their hair start getting weak and thin

Patchy Hair loss – This is due to some bacterial or fungal infection in which a person loses some hair in patches from head

Handful of hair – In this every time a person combs their hairs many hairs is broken from their scalp and stuck in their combs

Every minoxidil brand and their composition is proven to treat different kind of hair loss so let’s understand every minoxidil brand one by one

Minoxidil and its types

Rogaine Minoxidil 5% Foam

Rogaine is one of the oldest brand who manufacture Minoxidil and 5% Minoxidil Topical solution best for men

Rogaine Foam India is lot more easily to apply as compare to solution, it is easy to absorb by skin and it is used to treat main hair loss problem like Male pattern baldness and hair line receding etc

Studies shows that Rogaine foam is 5% more effective than any other minoxidil brand available in market

Rogaine Minoxidil 5% Solution

Along with foam Rogaine also manufactures minoxidil in solution too and 5% solution is recommended to be used by the men only

It reaches to deep root and reduces the effect of DHT present around hair follicles Just 1 ml of solution is good for one time use

It is proven to beneficial in Thinning of hair in men it provide the required volume to men’s hair and makes the, strong

Kirkland Minoxidil 5% solution

It has an active ingredient like alcohol, propylene glycol and purified water which promotes hair regrowth in man

It is use a solution for male pattern baldness as it prevents cell damage and revival of cell that already dead it has all the nutrient required by hair cell to promote regrowth

Kirkland Minoxidil shows best result when a person start using it in early days of hair loss and 5% Topical minoxidil solution makes its more effective

Kirkland Minoxidil 5% Foam

Minoxidil Foam by Kirkland is specially designed for the one who has problem of itchy and irritation on scalp, as it has minoxidil without propellant

It has active ingredient butane, polysorbate, stearyl and it works effectively on scalp then the solution

It is perfect solution for the one who is having baldness and there air cell is dead as it rejuvenate dead cell and promote hair regrowth

Just one squeeze from bottle is enough and it cover overall scalp and one pack is enough for all day

As it has no propellant in it what makes it gentle and soft to scalp

Foligain Minoxidil 5% Solution

It is use directly to the scalp and best known to treat line hair line receding and this is best for both men and women

Minoxidil along with a treatment of hair line receding treats other hair problems too like it give required strength and volume to hair

Foligain is easily available in shopuskart and works faster than any other minoxidil and a user can see visible result after using it for five to six months of regular use

Tugain Minoxidil 5% Solution

Tugain is known for its anti bacterial properties and it prevents the scalp to get rid of fungal bacteria and it reaches to deep root and reduces the effect of DHT

When there is reduction of DHT in hair follicles there is better flow of oxygen and blood which promote hair regrowth

It is best for one who has problem of hair thinning it has Minoxidil 5% and absolute alcohol 30 % and makes it good for androgenic alopecia

Tugain Minoxidil 10% Foam

Every brand who manufacture minoxidil doesn’t manufacture foam and that in 10 % composition it comes in a very few brands all thanks to Tugain for this

10% foam is more effective in work than 5% and 2% minoxidil it promote hair growth faster than 5% Foam and it is beneficial for beard, hair, nail

It nourishes the scalp and provide strength with 10% minoxidil it gain a lead than any other minoxidil brand in market buy with online shopping site shopuskart

Regain 5% Minoxidil Solution

One of the oldest brands which is making minoxidil for hair treatment for a very long time it has an active ingredient like Hydrolyzed Soy protein and aqua Butylene Glycol

It has anti dandruff properties in few days of use you will face rapid hair loss but its common it is for few days only as it your damaged hair is falling and new pores is building place on scalp

After few months of many user notice positive growth in hair regrowth and they can see new hair growing ion their scalp

Mintop Minoxidil 5% Solution

Mintop manufacture minoxidil in different composition like 5%, 10% and 15% too and 5% solution is suitable for both men and women and it is totally safe to use

It has low alcohol concentration which reduces the risk of dry scalp and one can use it for long time without any side effect

It has Butylene glycol along with hydrolyzed Soy protein along with minoxidil which shows more positive result than others

Mintop Minoxidil 10% Solution

Mintop 10% solution is specially for men’s use only it is good for those who have extreme hair loss and can’t afford to lose more hair

It treats every problem like hair thinning, hair line receding, baldness and many more and with 10% minoxidil composition it gives quick result than any other minoxidil

Mintop Yuva 5% Solution

Mintop Yuva 5% is for women who have hair thinning issue and worries that it may lead to hair fall soon it has no propellant and glycol specially made for female user

It reaches in deep root and expands blood flow and start work as soon applied it has a life span of 8 to 12 hours on scalp so one has to use it twice a day for few  weeks for visible result

It avoids dandruff on scalp and reduces the fungal infection too which is common in women

Mintop pro Minoxidil 5% Solution

Mintop pro 5% solution is suitable for both men and women it has active ingredient like Butylene glycol with Apigenin and biotinoyl with Olecanolic acid which prevents cell damage and promote hair regrowth

As it prevents cell damage it prevents cell death too and minoxidil help blood to reach hair follicles and promote strength to hair which make them strong and new hair grow on scalp

Hair 4U Minoxidil 5% solution

Hair 4 u is best for overall effect on scalp use to treat different alopecia condition design for sensitive scalp which has problem of bacterial and fungal infection as main reason for hair loss

It Increases the overall growth of hair growth on scalp

Minichek Minoxidil 5% solution

For Hair regrowth treatment in men who has already lost their hair with an active ingredient like propylene glycol and purified water and alcohol with makes it effective to active dead cell on scalp

Morr minoxidil 10 % solution

Morr Minoxidil comes in 10 % minoxidil is low on alcohol concentration to reduce problem of dry and itchy scalp and having 10 % minoxidil is best to treat baldness and hair thinning problem.

Now it is bit easy for you to choose which minoxidil is best for your hair problem and what too choose

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Bottom line

Minoxidil is best solution what your hair needs, Shopuskart is where you can get 100% original product at best price.


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