Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Bluetooth Tracker

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About The Product

  • The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag can be a savior in eliminating the fear of losing things or getting your pets lost on the way. These advanced trackers remove all the situations you get panicked or fear-stricken about losing your most loved materials.
  • These SmartTags can be attached to any item or even your pets and can be effortlessly tracked with the SmartThings App.
  • A single device can easily manage up to 200 SmartTags with a minimum connection limitation as it is a wireless communication device.
  • A single SmartTag can be assigned to an item at a time and controlled without any hassle for all your valuables.


The Samsung SmartTag is a battery-operated tiny device that can be attached easily with backup, wallets, pets, or your luggage. The device is powered with reasonable CR2032 batteries and can be replaced without any dilemma. Once attached to the item and linked with your SmartThings App, the attached items will be under the control of your fingertips. 

The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag can be only controlled with the SmartThings App which is the center for controlling all other smart devices by Samsung. The SmartTags are created in two different models – the Standard SmartTag which is an older version and the SmartTag Plus that is the upgraded version of the tag device. 

The cost of a single SmartTag can be around $30, while a set costs $50 and a pack of four probably costs around $85. If you realize that you lost an item, without getting panicked you just need to head on to the SmartThings App and tap on the Menu button. After that select the All Devices option and search for the item on the View Map, which you were looking for. The Map will show the exact location of the lost item due to the SmartTag on the item. 

However, not all the Samsung devices are designed to support the SmartTags, but Samsung has recently designed the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and the Galaxy S21 Ultra to support the UWB technology. The SmartTags by Samsung is very popular and can be found in almost all major online stores like Amazon. 

The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag can provide you certain major benefits like:

  1. Helps to find the lost items without much chaos and difficulty. 
  2. Relieves from the dilemma of theft of the items during solo travel.
  3. Makes the search process easier with the SmartThings App, which shows the entire map of the area and the exact location of the lost item. 
  4. Even if the lost item has been associated with easier traceability by the app, the other Samsung devices are equally compatible and locate the tag anonymously of the lost item. 
  5. The privacy of the user remains safe with ensured encryption. 
  6. Super-affordable and compatible with all Samsung devices. 

The Samsung Galaxy SmartTags cannot be used normally with all the Samsung models, but the SmartTags are convenient to use with an upgraded version of the Galaxy S21 Plus, S21 Ultra Plus, and also Note 20 Ultra as these support the unique UWB technology of the SmartTags

The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag can be a savior in eliminating the fear of losing things or getting your pets lost on the way. These advanced trackers remove all the situations you get panicked or fear-stricken about losing your most loved materials.

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Automations With Samsung Galaxy SmartTag

Once the Samsung SmartTag is connected to the device, you can click on the button of the tag to run automation, which needs slight settings to set on the action. To do this, firstly head on to the SmartThings app that helps you to keep a track of the tags, and then click on the Devices tab.

Next, tap on the Home icon and select the required location and eventually, tap Pressed to choose the action that occurs on pressing the similar button on SmartTag. After this, Add the desired action you would like to use and choose the action for automation that can be anything like switching on the lights or TV. 

The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag is a convenient device and a must-have item to keep easy track of your belongings, especially if you are on a solo trip or even for controlling the devices at your home with just a touch on your Samsung devices. 

In the Box

Limited 1-year warrenty

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Black

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Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Specs

Wireless Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0
Battery Life Up to 1 Year
Battery Type CR2032
IP Rating IP53
Dimensions 1.5 x 1.5 x 0.4″ / 3.9 x 3.9 x 1.0 cm
Packaging Info
Package Weight 0.055 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 4.3 x 2.25 x 0.65″


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    Samsung SmartTag Bluetooth Tracker

    Bought this for my keys, because when I do lose them, I really do lose them. Samsung smart tag work perfectly.

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