THEANINE SERENE with Relora 200mg 120 Tablets

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Pack of 120 tablet of Theanine serene for 60 days use

Beneficial in reducing stress and makes you relax

Made from 100 % natural ingredient

Good for health and Overall wellness

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THEANINE SERENE with Relora 200mg 120 Tablets

Made from ingredient like L-Theanine and basil leaf

It has Relora which is good for ease of tension

Magnesium presence relaxes nerves and reduces stress level

A person has to take it twice once in morning and once at night

It improves the sleep quality of a sleep

Person who is suffering from high pressure must use it

If you are aiming to lose some weight L-thenaine can help you

L-thiamine is natural ingredient which makes it safe to use

When consumed daily it boost immune system and prevents you from diseases

Good for students who wants to increase their mental focus

It is used in cancer treatment too

Any person above 18 years can use it


There should be a gap of 12 hr between every dose

Excessive dose doesn’t give quick result

Do no consume alcohol with it

Proper meal with these tablets is prescribed

Do not consume it empty stomach

Consider good when consume with hot water


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