Women Rogaine 2% Minoxidil Solution Hair Regrowth 12 month supply

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About the product

  • Specially designed for women’s hair loss
  • Contains 2% minoxidil recommended for women use
  • Proven to work faster to regrow Full hair
  • 12 Months supply will best to show the effective result


Women’s ROGAINE 2% Minoxidil Solution Hair Loss 12 month supply

Works effectively on women hair problem of thin hair

Nourishes women scalp and provide required nutrients

Expands the hair follicles

It provide strength to your existing hairs so they can stand strong

Effective in alopecia caused due to systemic or internal diseases

Rogaine for women can cure traction alopecia

Reduces fungal infection in women

Cure Secondary syphilis in women

Hair loss due to anxiety and depression can be cured too

With broad blood vessels, hair follicles get better

Effective in hair loss occurs in women after pregnancy

Promotes overall growth and nourishes the hair scalp

Scalp friendly and easily absorbed by the skin

How to use

Use a dropper to take a solution from the bottle

Apply on scalp and massage with it gently

leave it Untouched for the next few hours

Make sure your scalp is clean before applying it

Women should not use it during pregnancy


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    Shalini Diwakar

    Best product for women and good service

    I am using women’s rogaine for the last 6 months. good result showing 

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