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How Kirkland reverse the phase of losing hair in men

How Kirkland reverse

How Kirkland reverse the phase of losing hair in men

How Kirkland reverse the phase of losing hair in men

All of us know about Kirkland, it needs no further introduction whenever any one has hair loss

Kirkland act as a panacea when it’s about hair loss, it not only stops hair loss but it also promote hair regrowth in men

It is made of a main ingredient Minoxidil which fight different kind of alopecia in men

In earlier days Minoxidil is use to treat blood pressure patients the one having low blood pressure problem

It promote blood movement in body and many people who are using it for blood pressure also see positive sign in their hair regrowth

A study was done after that and it is finding that minoxidil is really helpful in hair loss problem but it is not use as a tablet

Minoxidil tablet is only to treat blood pressure and separately a liquid composition is made to treat hair loss

After successfully test it is approve by FDA (food and drug administration USA) it is safe to use

Kirkland is most recommended brand in Minoxidil, most dermatologist recommend Kirkland solution to their patient

Kirkland works naturally to treat hair loss; it is prove that it can test different type of alopecia in men

It when apply to shop reaches deep root and start working just few weeks of regular use and you can see hair loss stops

And after few months of regular use one can see new hair pores on their scalp and hair regrowth start

Kirkland is proven to reverse the process of hair loss in men to understand how Kirkland does it

We have to understand the medical reason behind hair loss why it happen, what happen induce our body

Medical reason behind hair loss

We all know the external factors that lead to hair loss in a person but we need to understand what happen inside

What happen under the scalp and inside the body that leads to hair loss and hair problems like changes inside scalp

People’s have pores on their scalp through which their hair grows these are known as hair follicles on which our hair grows

Pores are the way through which hair grows out of scalp; these are blood vessels connecting to hair follicles

Blood vessels carry blood, oxygen and other necessary nutrient required by hair for growth but due to some reasons such as:

  • Unhealthy diet and lifestyle
  • Poor blood flow
  • Past medical history
  • No exercise

These blood vessels shrinks and DHT hormone in men and estrogen in female takes place around hair follicles

They disconnect chain of blood vessels and hair follicles and as mention hair follicles also shrink due to which hair gets weak

When there is no supply of blood casting nutrients and oxygen to hair follicles than the hair begins to weak and falls out of scalp

This whole process happens in a cycle which can be reverse by help of Kirkland so let’s understand hair follicles cycle and then how Kirkland reverses it

Phases in hair loss

It is a cycle or a phase in which hair falls out of scalp these phases will help you to understand if you are also going through hair loss

  1. Breakdown of hair –Every person losses some hair in their life it is normal 4 to 5 hair usually falls from scalp in a day

And it happen mostly in rainy days or whenever the weather changes but after few days it stops

As soon our body affairs the changes the hair fall stops but even if it’s continue to fall than its hair loss

  • Increment in hair loss –when the hair fall increases day by day and a person start losing more than 10 to 15 hairs daily

And number is increasing than this is a second phase of hair loss and in this situation hair loss doesn’t stop after sometime

  • Hair thinning – After the hair fall begins to increase day by day and the medical reason mention above

Due to shrinkage in blood vessels and no supply of blood and oxygen to hair follicles hair losses their strength

And after sometime it starts getting thin it doesn’t have that volume which it use to have before hair loss

  • Hair loss/Baldness –And after sometime hair falls out of hair follicles and no new hair grows out of it known as Baldness

How Kirkland reverse these phases

  • Immediate stop in hair loss –Kirkland when apply to scalp reaches the deep root and provide strength to hair follicles

This stop hair loss and it clears the blockage of DHT hormone in men and immediately stop hair loss

  • Makes hair thicker –Kirkland when enters in scalps asking with closing blockage of DHT around hair follicles

It also expands the blood vessels connecting to hair follicles and reestablish connection of blood vessels to hair follicles

So blood casting nutrients and oxygen again connects to scalp and this provide nutrient to scalp and make thick

  • Opening new pores and regrowth of hair –Kirkland when apply to scalp penetrates the scalp and reach in deep root

When apply regularly for months, open new pores on scalp and user can see new pores on her scalp

And after sometime of use you can see new hair fully grown on scalp and scalp full of hair as one wish for

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Bottom line

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