Puritans Pride Ultra Mega Biotin 7500 Mcg Softgels, 50 Tablets

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  • Biotin tablets by Puritians Pride for healthy hair, skin and hair
  • 50 Tablets for 50 days use
  • Made for both men and women
  • Natural flavor made free from all types of artificial component


Puritans Pride Ultra Mega Biotin 7500 Mcg Softgels, 50 Tablets

Biotin soft gels is proven to stimulate hair growth, makes hair thicker and appear shiny

It is rich in vitamin B7 improves skin and gives youthful glow

Beneficial for hormonal issues like acne and skin problem

Along with improving skin and hair biotin also strengthen nails

Biotin can thicken nail by up to 25 percent

Proven to helpful in tissue rebuilds and muscle strength

Biotin is rich in vitamin B which protects your brain, Improve your memory

It is proven to stabilize blood sugar

Biotin help to metabolize carbohydrate, protein, fats

It lowers cholesterol level which makes your heart healthy

Best for those who wants to lose weight helps by increasing metabolism

Best kirkland minoxidil india 

Biotin best for skin or hair 7500 mcg Softgel 50 Tablets


Pregnant women should use it after consulting from doctor only

Made to be use by person above age of 13 years

Take  1 Soft gel daily with meal

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    This Biotin Good for Hair Growth and For skin

    This Biotin Tablet is Good for Hair Growth and For skin.

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