Qgain high purity low alcohol minoxidil 5% For Men one month supply

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About the product

  • 5% minoxidil solution from Qgain – Easy to use
  • Manufacture in USA with high standard of quality control
  • Approve by FDA (US) best quality product
  • For use by both men and women

One month supply – 60 ml bottle


Qgain high purity low alcohol minoxidil 5%

Use to treat different type of hair loss in both men and women

Made up of Minoxidil use to enhance hair follicle blood supply by accelerating hair growth

Easily absorb  by the scalp and reaches deep inside hair follicles

Qgain is easy to apply formula with target action on bald spot

Make your hair thicker and fuller and solve issue of hair thinning

Proven to work faster than any other Minoxidil brand available in market

Anyone above age of 18 can use it by directly apply it on a scalp

Made of active ingredient – Minoxidil USP 2%

Has a combination of many inactive ingredients like Propylene glycol, purified water

Qgain Low alcohol concentration which makes it scalp friendly


Qgain is strictly for external use only

Avoid use of it if you are a woman and has a hair loss due to pregnancy

Do not use it more often as it will not improve result

Use it regularly twice a day to maintain your hair regrowth


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