Qgain high purity low alcohol minoxidil 5% For Men Two month supply

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About the product

  • 5% Minoxidil solution from Qgain for hair problem in male and female
  • Two month supply at best price 60z bottle – 60 ml each (120ml)
  • For visible result of hair regrowth after few month of regular use
  • Made of low alcohol specially for those who have dry scalp and allergic to alcohol


Qgain 5 % minoxidil gentle on scalp and easily absorb by scalp and reaches deep root

Qgain has no propellant and made of active ingredient like Minoxidil USP

It Provide strength to existing hair and prevents them from falling

Qgain reactive hair follicles which stimulates hair regrowth

Qgain is clinically proven to and approve by FDA, made with standard quality product

It provides required volume to hair and gives them strength

It penetrates the scalp and prevents cell damage and revives dead hair follicles

Qgain prevents person’s scalp from getting dandruff and fungal infection which leads to hair loss

Men generally have hair thinning due to DHT and it reduces effect of DHT around hair follicles

Works best apply on dry and clean scalp

Massage with Qgain foam over affected area gently and leave it untouched for few hours


Qgain is for use by person above age of 18 and below 65 only

Avoid going to sunlight after immediate use of Qgain

Qgain is for external use only


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    Move with other minoxidil brand Kirkland Minoxidil

    I am using this product but I can’t see any results after that I change to Kirkland Minoxidil Now Litter Hair Grow

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