ALOE VERA PHYTOGEL 250mg 90 Capsules

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  • 100 % Original product made from high quality Aloe Vera plant
  • It is a single herb Supplement
  • One dose of these Gels is beneficial for use in many ways
  • These Phyto Gel nourishes your digestive System
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Aloe Vera Pack of 90 Capsules which make it enough for 90 days

One capsule per day is enough to show visible result in user

These Phyto gel directly enters your blood stream and target organs

These Phyto gel is pack in a proper packing so that they won’t get damage

A person has to take one gel daily with Capsules

There are no such precautions while using these gels

These Phyto is clinically approved, safe to use

There is no side effect of these Gels anyone can use it

These Phyto gel lower the blood sugar and helpful in diabetes

Aloe Vera It Help your body in digestion process and make it more effective

These Phyto gel is made from Aloe Vera only which makes it antioxidants


Read the instruction before using

Not for person below 10 Years of age

You should avoid consuming it empty stomach

In case a person feels any Problem, Consult your doctor First


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