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Best Minoxidil for hair loss in women

Best Minoxidil for hair loss in women

Best Minoxidil for hair loss in women

Hair loss is equally disturbing for women as it is for men often a study shows that women are more concern about hair as compare to men

But the pattern of hair loss is different in both men and women and so the treatment

There are many myths related to hair loss in women which need to be understand properly to treat hair loss in women properly

Many people think that treatment of hair loss is same for both male and female but it is completely false

Growth of hair depends on hormone and in the same way the hair loss also depends on hormone

Hormones of both male and female are different so their hair loss signs, symptoms everything is completely different

One need to understand that as there is no single medicines for every health problem same way there is different treatment of hair loss in women and men

Yes Minoxidil treats hair fall of both men and women it is single solution for hair loss in both men and women

But minoxidil manufacture in different composition like 2% for women and 5% for men

Let’s understand reason for hair fall in women and how minoxidil treats it

Signs of hair loss in women

As we mention above as hair loss is different in both male and female and in female it is different from to another

It depends on causes we should suggest to keep daily track of your hair so when hair fall you can treat it properly

Some common Sign of hair loss in women

Overall Thinning of hair – You have heard about hair line receding in men this is the female version of hair line receding

In this condition a woman notices that starts to get thin and size or volume of their ponytail is getting thin day by day

Bald Spots on head – it is a circular or patchy bald spots it is like a coin in size and usually appears on scalp

Skins starts to feel itchy and painful as hair shed from scalp

Handful of hairs – This is most common sign by which a woman decides if she is having hair loss or not

Usually every women loses 10 to 15 hair in a day but when these number begin to increase day by day then it is a sign that she is facing Hairfall

Total hair loss – It is a very rare condition in which a women loses over all hair from their scalp

It is due to Chemotherapy or infection but it very rare condition

Reason behind hair loss in women

As hair loss is different in both men women so the reason behind hair loss is different in both men and women

Hereditary hair loss – Yes you read it write it is a myth that only men’s has to suffer from genetic hair loss

Women’s have to suffer from it too in women’s it is known by the name of Androgenic alopecia

It is one of the leading causes for hair loss in women and generally it starts after 40s but now it use to start in early 20s too

Some Medical treatment – if the women are already suffering from some other kind of medical problem than there is a high chance that they will have a Hair fall

Because women hair follicles get affected during the treatment of some other disease.

Hair Styling –  In this hair fall out because of excessive use of hair styling product the hair shafts may break after using hot combs, blow dryers or hair straightness this is known as Traumatic alopecia.

Stress – Stress is also a one of leading factor for hair loss anything which cause you stress block the blood contact to your hair follicles

Which can lead to Hair fall unhealthy diet (High Consumption of Junk Food) or no exercise can be a factor too.

Pregnancy – Women may lose some hair in the months after childbirth as it is very stressful and women faces hormonal change during pregnancy too

As it shocks the body and disrupts the hair cycle it is temporary and happens

When there is a change in the number of follicles that grow hair are in resting state this type of hair loss is called telogen effluvium

How Minoxidil treats hair loss in women

The medical reason behind hair loss in women is due to a hormone knows as estrogen

Estrogen blocks the contact of blood and oxygen reaching to hair follicles required for hair regrowth

We all know that Minoxidil reaches to our deep root and expands our blood vessels

Due to which there are better blood flows and contact of oxygen to the hair follicles providing them all the necessary nutrients require

Which allow regrowth of hair and you will find that your scalp is full of hairs again

How to use Minoxidil?

One has to use Minoxidil for minimum 5 to 6 months to see effective result of this medicine you have to use it twice a day

  • Wash your head with water so that there is no dirt and dust remain on your head while using it
  • Take a solution in your hand or if you are using foam then directly apply it to your scalp

One can choose from different brands who manufacture 2% minoxidil for women such as Rogaine, Kirkland, and Foligain etc

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