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Does Rogaine affect testosterone in Body, is it harmful to testosterone growth

Does Rogaine affect testosterone in Body, is it harmful to testosterone growth

Does Rogaine affect testosterone in Body, is it harmful to testosterone growth

Does Rogaine affect testosterone in the Body, is it harmful to testosterone growth

Rogaine is the number 1 brand recommended by doctors in Minoxidil to treat hair loss in a person

Most users who have used Rogaine find that Rogaine is effective in hair Regrowth and it is better than any other hair loss treatment available on the market

Rogaine is made with the primary ingredient Minoxidil which promotes hair regrowth basically hair loss is related to DHT Hormone

DHT is responsible for hair loss in men and Rogaine treats hair loss

So many people doubt does Rogaine Minoxidil manipulate testosterone and reduces testosterone level in men

This question is obvious for everyone who knows the relation between DHT hormone and Hair loss and it is very necessary to clear all your doubts

As both Testosterone and hair are important for men one can’t simply make a choice between hair and testosterone level

Testosterone is a sex hormone that plays a different role in the body in men it regulates sex drive

Testosterone also helps in fat distribution, bone mass, and muscle mass it is very important for human growth

An enzyme called 5 alpha-reductase produced from testosterone is known as DHT which is found in skin hair follicles and prostate

DHT collects around hair follicles and contracts blood vessels which weakens them and after some hair begins to fall

Sometimes people confuse with does Rogaine manipulate or reduces testosterone level to promote hair regrowth in men

But it is a false statement Rogaine has no connection with testosterone level or you can say it doesn’t affect testosterone level

It works in its own way to promote hair regrowth so let’s understand how Rogaine works and How DHT is responsible for hair loss

How DHT and testosterone are responsible for hair loss in men

As mentioned above testosterone is very important for body growth so how is it related to hair fall

Actually, testosterone has an alpha 5 enzyme that produces DHT hormone which is found in skin, Hair follicles, and nail

It is important for skin and body but when the amount of DHT hormone begins to increase around hair follicles

DHT Hormone when increases around hair follicles shrunken the blood vessels which reduces the flow of blood and oxygen

Due to improper supply or minimal supply of blood and oxygen to blood vessels which carry required nutrients along with them to hair follicles

The hair begins to lose its strength and after some time it begins to weaken and starts falling some time

And when the blood flow and required don’t reach to hair follicle again it is impossible for hair t to regrow hair

And Rogaine can help a person improve blood circulation and promote hair regrowth so let’s understand how Rogaine works

How Rogaine treats hair loss

Now you know how testosterone is indirectly and DHT is directly responsible for hair loss now

So it is important to know how Rogaine works many people think Rogaine just reverses the process and affects testosterone level

It’s a misconception that you have to decrease Testosterone levels to promote hair regrowth because it is not DHT that is responsible

Actually, Rogaine is made of a Minoxidil which actually helps in Hair regrowth Minoxidil in the early days is used to treat Blood pressure

It increases the blood flow which helps the blood pressure patient to Maintain blood flow level in the body

But many users find it effective in hair growth too so a study is conducted which shows that Minoxidil is actually helpful in hair regrowth

Rogaine when applies to the scalp quickly absorbed by the scalp and reaches in deep root it reduces the excess amount presence of DHT

And Rogaine when reduces the excess amount of DHT presence from hair follicles expands the blood vessels

Rogaine again establish the connection of blood and oxygen to hair follicles which provide require nutrient to the hair follicle

It also opens new pores for hair follicles to come out from the scalp and new hair can grow from these pores

With Better blood flow and all necessary hair begins to gain its strength and start regrowth on the scalp

So, the working of Rogaine is nowhere connected to Testosterone level and it reduces the excess amount of SHT to Hair follicles only

So it is a myth that Rogaine can affect testosterone levels in the body you can choose Rogaine for hair regrowth

Rogaine is approved by FDA which makes it safe for everyone to use

How to use Rogaine for Hair Regrowth

Rogaine comes in two compositions Foam and solution you can choose whatever you want according to your use

It is advised to use Rogaine on a clean and dry scalp so while using it there is no dirt and dust left on the scalp and the scalp is clean

One has to follow these steps for effective use

  • Take 1 ml solution or if you are using foam directly apply 1 spray to the scalp
  • Massage gently with a solution on the affected area
  • Leave scalp untouched after applying it

Avoid going to sunlight after immediate use and wait for at least half an hour


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Bottom line

Rogaine is 100% safe and it has no relation to testosterone level in the body so you can choose stress-free

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