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How to apply Rogaine Minoxidil

How to apply Rogaine Minoxidil

How to apply Rogaine Minoxidil

Rogaine Minoxidil Foam India

Minoxidil is the panacea for hair loss and many people are using it now a days and getting positive result

And when it comes to Minoxidil there are many brands but the most trusted brand is Rogaine

Minoxidil is safe to use and can be used without any consultation from doctor as it is approve by FDA

Many people uses it and regain their hair but some people finds it result after a long time it is not because there hair loss is different

It is because they don’t know the proper way of using it they don’t know about Do’s and don’t

So what is the best way of using it so that you can get quick result from Rogaine Minoxidil?

Read this full article to clear all your myth about Rogaine Minoxidil and know how to use it effectively.

Before coming to ways of using it you should know about hair loss and its types and how Rogaine is of help

This will help you understand the best way of using and you also know about the reason behind this

So let’s understand type of hair loss and how Rogaine treats it effectively

Types of hair loss

Baldness – As the name says in this a person goes completely bald and no hair is lefty on his scalp

You can also say it total hair loss where a person goes completely bald and only some patch of hair left on his scalp

This type of hair loss is mainly seen in men

Women also loses hair but their pattern are different

Hair thinning – In this the hair of person begins to get weak and start losing its strength hair gets rough

And after sometime the hair begins to fall this type of hair loss is found in both men and women

The hair looks dull and loses all its charm and seems like dead

Frontal Hair loss – In this type of hair loss a person start losing their hair from their front part or you can say losing of hair from just above forehead

In this the hair loss appear in a shape of W or M this pattern is seen in both male and female

Losing hair from frontal can sometime leads to total hair loss so this should be treat carefully and on time

Decrease in hair length – Some people doesn’t count it as a hair loss but actually many doctors say it is a hair loss

In this type of hair loss a person start losing its hair length and it decreases day by day it is most common in female

Like the length of hair they have in their 20s they start losing it in their 30s and after that it gets short and after some time it falls

How Rogaine Minoxidil treats hair loss

The main reason behind hair loss is the presence of DHT hormone around hair follicles which shrunken the blood vessels

The blood vessels connecting to hair follicles gets shrunk and there is no proper supply of blood and oxygen

When there is no contact of blood and oxygen to hair follicles air start losing their strength and begins to fall

In the first phase they start losing their strength and gets thin and after sometime it falls which people call hair loss

And as they fall they makes the area infertile and so the area from where the hair fall the new hair can’t grow from there

Presence of DHT hormone near hair follicles won’t allow hair follicles to expand and so it became a dead follicles

And then from there the ray of hope is Rogaine, when this Rogaine solution is apply to scalp

It enters the scalp and clear the presence of DHT near hair follicles and expands the blood vessels

Once the blood vessels gets expand it re-establish the contact of blood and oxygen to hair follicles

And it makes the follicles fertile again and in this way it open new pores for new hair on scalp and hair start regrow

And after some time you can visible growth of new hair follicles and strong and healthy hair on your scalp

But there is a proper way of using a Rogaine Minoxidil so what are these ways is mention in next para

How to use Rogaine Minoxidil Correctly

There are few things to be keep in mind whole using Rogaine Minoxidil

  • There should be no dirt and dust on scalp
  • No wet Scalp
  • Do not mix with any oil or cream
  • Do not come in direct contact of sunlight after using it

How to use it properly

A person should use Rogaine twice a day

  • Take a solution on your hand with help of dropper
  • Apply it in affected area
  • Massage gently with it
  • Leave scalp untouched for next few hours

You have to use it regularly for 2 to 3 month for visible result

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