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Every doubt regarding Kirkland Minoxidil

How Foligain Kirkland Minoxidil treats hair thinning

Every doubt regarding Kirkland Minoxidil

Every doubt regarding Kirkland Minoxidil

We all know that Minoxidil Kirkland is the best solution to hair problems in men not only its effective

But it is also affordable and easy to use anyone above the age of 18 and below 65 can use it and it is the best solution available

Minoxidil works for hereditary hair loss and that too within a few months of regular use  

Minoxidil works effectively by reaching deep roots it penetrates the scalp and revives dead hair follicles which promote hair regrowth

There are many pores on our scalp on which our hair grow these pores are known as hair follicles (the root of our hair)

Due to the blockage of DHT Hormone in men and Estrogen in females, these hair follicles begin to weak and hair follicles

This blockage shrinks the blood vessels due to which there is no proper supply of blood and oxygen to hair follicles

And then hair follicles begin to weak and hair begins to fall out of the scalp then minoxidil can help you it can promote hair regrowth

Minoxidil when applied to the scalp penetrates the scalp and clears the blockage of DHT hormone and estrogen from hair follicles

Along with this Kirkland Minoxidil expands the blood vessels and establishes a contact of blood and oxygen to hair follicles

It provides necessary nutrients needed by the scalp to grow hair and open new pores on the scalp and once again one can see hair regrowth on the scalp

Many people who use it get a positive result in a few weeks of use but some people who haven’t used it yet have many doubts

So it is very important to answer every doubt regarding Kirkland minoxidil in India so that people can trust it and use it

1. Is Kirkland Minioxidil have any side effects and is it true that it affects our sex drive

Yes it has some side effects after all it is a medicine made up of drugs but it has the minimal side effects

Such as skin feels itchy or irritated sometimes but it won’t last long it disappears after a few days or a couple of weeks

As soon your body adapts Minioxidil and No, it will not affect your sex drive

2. For how long and how many times in a day does one have to use Kirkland Minioxidil to see results?

For effective result, you have to use it twice a day once in the morning and the next time in the Evening

One has to continuously use it for 5 to 6 months to see its effective result

3. How Kirkland Minioxidil works for Hair Regrowth?

There are follicles on our scalp on which our hair grows and due to an unhealthy diet and imbalanced life we don’t give proper care to our scalp

And our follicles get damaged and DHT takes place near follicles and stops blood flow

Whereas Minioxidil helps in providing the nutrition needed by our scalp and increases blood flow towards our follicles

And this will help our follicles to regrow hair on our scalp

4. How much amount of Kirkland minoxidil one should use and what proper way of using it?

For liquid – A dropper comes along with a liquid you have to take the liquid according to the level marked or prescribed by the doctor

For Foam – it is half a cup or a single pump

If you are using it for beard use it after washing your face and gently rub it on your face

And if you are using it for a hair regrow gently massage it on your Scalp

5. Can a person go out in Sun after using Kirkland Minioxidil?

You should avoid going out in sun after using Minioxidil but there is no need to worry

As there are no cases same of photosensitivity of the skin due to this medicine

6. What to choose as there are different percentages in Kirkland minoxidil?

If 5% is working effectively on you then you should continue using 5%, Minioxidil Kirkland 

As it is cheaper and possibly better than higher percentages and in the case of many users 5% is more effective

So, along with the effectiveness, price, and minimal side effect we suggest you should go for 5% Minioxidil

7. Can a person use hair care or Styling products on the Scalp after using Kirkland Minioxidil?

We suggest that you should use hairstyling product before using Minioxidil

It will be more effective to style your hair wait for the hairstyling product to dry and then using Minioxidil

Kirkland Minoxidil prevents dilution of Minioxidil and absorption into the hair.

8. Is it safe to use Kirkland Minoxidil?

Kirkland Minioxidil is safe and approved by FDA many users directly buy it from online shopuskart

And they have not faced any side effects of this medicine and see positive result from using Minioxidil

9. Is Kirkland Minoxidil can be used by both men and women?

No. There have been many studies showing that Minioxidil can work effectively on only men.

10. Who should avoid using Kirkland Minioxidil?

Patients with a history of hypersensitivity or pregnant women or someone who is taking medicine for any other serious health issue should Minioxidil after consulting their doctor only and pregnant women should completely avoid it

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