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Is Minoxidil is safe for everyone to use

Is Minoxidil is safe for everyone use

Is Minoxidil is safe for everyone to use

Is Minoxidil safe for everyone to use

We all know that Minoxidil is a panacea for hair loss in a person everyone knows about Minoxidil and uses it

Many dermatologists also recommend Minoxidil as a solution to different hair problems but many people use Minoxidil 

So the first thing that came to their mind is whether Minoxidil is safe to use 

Minoxidil is approved by FDA but still, some people have doubt to which extent minoxidil is safe to use

Yes this doubt is genuine and it is a very common doubt so let’s discuss and explore every area where minoxidil is safe to what extend

So before coming back to Minoxidil safety let’s understand how minoxidil treats hair loss

Hair loss and How Minoxidil treats hair loss

Before coming to minoxidil let’s understand how minoxidil treats hair loss. There are many reasons behind hair loss

So let’s understand how Minoxidil treats hair loss

Hairfall is a very common problem many people in this world is having this problem earlier is used to arise after a person turns to 40s

Now it starts at the age of 20s some common reason behind hair fall is

Type of hair loss or Alopecia

Androgenic alopecia – It is a hair loss in a person due to their genetics also known as hereditary hair loss.

This alopecia is the most common cause of hair loss in both male and female men tends to lose hair from the crown of the head,

In a female, hair usually become thinner all over the scalp Androgenic starts at any time after puberty

Earlier it used to start after the 40s but due to today’s unhealthy lifestyle and poor diet a person starts facing it in their 20s which is so much painful 

You can fight this type of alopecia using Minoxidil

Telogen Effluvium – It is also known as increasing hair fall

A person  usually lose 5 to 10 hair daily but in this condition,

A person loses a huge amount of hair a person notices whenever he is combing their hair they find their handfuls of hairs

This is a temporary hair loss problem but if it is not treated properly it can lead to baldness

Anagen Effluvium – This causes a large amount of hair loss rapidly which hair fall increase day by day

In this condition, a person loses hair from their overall body not just from their head

A person notices that they are losing hair from their eyelashes and eyebrows too

There can be many causes behind these such as

  • Fungal or bacterial infection
  • Laser treatment
  • Chemotherapy (Done during Cancer treatment)

Alopecia Areata – It is a condition that causes hair to fall out suddenly Immune system of a person goes weak and it affects the hair follicles

In this patient notices, that their hair is falling out of their scalp suddenly at a very rapidly

This condition is temporary and can be cured after some time if treated properly but if this condition is not treated properly then it can lead to overall thinning of hairs

How Minoxidil treats Hair loss

Actually prime reason behind hair fall is due to improper supply of blood and oxygen to hair follicles which promote hair regrowth

But due to different reason, the supply of blood and oxygen stop in hair follicles, and Minoxidil when applied to the scalp

Minoxidil is absorbed by the scalp and expands blood vessels and re-establish the connection of blood and oxygen to hair follicles

And reduces the effect of DHT Hormone and estrogen and promotes hair Regrowth but still, the question remains the same Minoxidil is safe for everyone

Is Minoxidil safe for everyone

Yes Minoxidil is safe for every healthy person

 if the person is healthy and above the age of 18 years and below 65 then he or she can use it without worries

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