Tugain Men Solution Stimulates Hair Regrowth


About the product

It stimulates hair follicles

Use of Dropper with it make and easy and convenient to use

Effective in hair line receding and patchy hair loss

Trust able use of Minoxidil brand

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Tugain Men Solution Stimulates Hair Regrowth

Most trust able brand of Minoxidil available in market

it prevents damage of cell from scalp

It nourishes the scalp which prevents hair follicles to get block

Tugain is rich in anti bacterial properties which prevents scalp from getting bacteria

It doesn’t leads to dryness on scalp which leads to irritation

Tugain is made from natural product and minoxidil which makes it more effective than other

It prevents scalp infection

It prevents Hair follicles from getting DHT blockage

Tugain provide required volume and strength to hair

How to use

Take 1 ml from bottle by using dropper

Apply gently on scalp

Massage with a Solution on affected area

Left it untouched, do not wash your hair after its use


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