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affiliate program

Welcome to the shopuskart Affiliates program!

Earn High Commission

Shopuskart pays some of the highest commissions because we know that quality marketing is worth paying for we work with our product creator to set the most competitive commissions possible we have to fix the levels and provide the bonus according to that level so that it will be beneficial for you too to work with us

The levels of Commissions are

Basic level – Within this Payout percentage is 5% and you will get 5 INR per referral

Gold Level – In this we have increased the payout percentage to 8% from 5% and you will get 8 INR per Referral and at this level, there are Achieve levels options too in which you will get Rs 500 or 100 Rs per referrals and a bonus of INR 50 too.

Platinum level – In this level there is also an increase in the payout percentage you will get 10 % in this level as a payout   and 10 INR per referral and INR 200 to 1000 for reaching to this level and a bonus of INR 80 too

Diamond level – In this level payout increases to 12 % and referral amount is also 12 and achieved level reward is between 500 to 1500 INR and you will get an additional bonus of 100 INR also

Premium Level – In this level payout increase to 15% and referral amount is also INR 15 and Achieve level reward is between 1000 to 200o INR and you will receive an additional bonus of Rs 500 too

Choose the product you want to promote

Shopuskart offers you thousands of product that you can choose from , so you are sure to always find offers that will profitably appeal to your audience we have many product such as Minoxidil in different brands and compositions for hair growth (for both men and women) and a wide variety of beauty product to choose from

Get paid on time

We have always built our reputations by paying our affiliates on time, you can choose to get paid as often as every week through multiple payment options (Whichever you like) we are here to built a strong reputation so you will always be paid on time

Recurring Commissions

Many products available on our site are sold on a recurring basis these are a good opportunities for digital marketers because as long as the  customer continues the subscription you can earn money in continuation for long time year after the year , long after the original sale

Promote Automatic Up sell Offers 

You can choose to promote the product from our site which offers customers the Up sell options as part of the purchase process it will deliver more value to the customers and will give you more earning in your pocket

Why Shopuskart only?

Our products are 100% genuine we import the Minoxidil directly from the US we knows why customer are choosing us we never want to broke the trust of the customer as the product we offer on our website are not manufactured in India so many duplicate in the name of these brands are sold on shops but our product are 100% genuine we are one of the reputed and limited distributor on these product in market

Develop a Partnership

Our joint venture program allows you to easily split earnings with our affiliate program so you can set up joint venture deals and payments sharing contracts that works for you and we assure you that we will handle the payment making collaboration easier and convenient according to your need

Professional support

We will provide a full professional support on our product and will ready to answer and solve any query related to our product in case any issue arises in future we are always with you and you can also check our customer reviews on our site from which you can know how good our relations with our customers because we know what they need

Make your dreams come true with our affiliate program

Every person have some dreams which they want to live in this life such as dream holiday to desired destination, dream car, Big house with our affiliate program you can fulfill your dreams by earning extra income with less effort as we provide you all necessary support required to live your dream.

Why our affiliate program is better than any part time work?

We all have a hobby or something that get us excited and motivated our affiliate is just like that it will help you choose a direction of your business from our support we will help. And in this affiliate program you don’t need to manage any inventories, shipment worries or anything we get it all done for you have to promote our products on your website only.

So if you are also searching for different way to earn money and you have a online website than you can connect with us and live your dreams by earning extra money in your pocket join our affiliate program now



Shopuskart Affiliate Commission Level

Levels Payouts Referrals Achieve Levels Bonus
Basic 5% Rs 5 None None
Gold 8% Rs 8 Rs 500 or 100 referrals Rs 50
Platinum 10% Rs 10 Rs 1000 or 200 referrals Rs 80
Diamond 12% Rs 12 Rs 1500 or 500 referrals Rs 100
Premium 15% Rs 15 Rs 2000 or 1000 referrals Rs 500