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Do Foligain Minoxidil affect sex drive in Body

Do Foligain Minoxidil affect sex drive in Body

Do Foligain Minoxidil affect sex drive in Body

Does Foligain Minoxidil affect sex drive in the Body?

Foligain is the most trusted brand in Minoxidil to treat every kind of hair loss in a person of every age Many users who have used Foligain find that Foligain is effective in hair Regrowth and it is best among any other hair loss treatment available on the market Foligain is made with a basic ingredient as a Minoxidil in it which promote hair regrowth basically hair loss is related to DHT Hormone DHT is responsible for hair loss in men and Foligain treats hair loss So many people have doubt does Foligain Minoxidil affects sex drives in men and if it has any connection with it It is the question from those who haven’t used Foligain Minoxidil yet and it is very important for anyone to clear all doubt before using any product So is it true that Foligain has any direct or indirect relation to sex drive in a man is it increasing it or decreasing it? Actually, it is completely a myth Foligain has no direct or indirect relation to sex drive and it won’t affect it Foligain works completely on the scalp how it can be related to sex drive and why does this question arise Actually, this is all due to a hormone named DHT which has a connection to testosterone in men So that is why many people misconnect this as the use of Foligain minoxidil can regulate their sex drive it may decrease after its use But one needs to understand the working of Foligain minoxidil to know the answer to this question 

How Foligain treats hair loss

As mentioned above this question arise due to the connection of Foligain minoxidil to DHT hormone and its relation to testosterone So it is essential to know how Foligain works many people think Foligain just reverses the process and affects testosterone level It’s a misconception that you have to decrease Testosterone levels to promote hair regrowth because it is not DHT that is responsible Actually, Foligain is made of a Minoxidil which actually helps in Hair regrowth Minoxidil in the early days is used to treat Blood pressure It increases the blood flow which helps the blood pressure patient to Maintain blood flow level in the body But many users find it effective in hair growth too so a study is conducted which shows that Minoxidil is actually helpful in hair regrowth Foligain when applied to the scalp quickly absorbed by the scalp and reaches in deep root it reduces the excess amount presence of DHT And Foligain when reduces the excess amount of DHT presence from hair follicles expands the blood vessels Foligain again establish the connection of blood and oxygen to hair follicles which provide require nutrient for the hair follicle It also opens new pores for hair follicles to come out from the scalp and new hair can grow from these pores With Better blood flow and all necessary hair begins to gain its strength and start regrowth on the scalp So, the working of Foligain is nowhere connected to Testosterone level and it reduces the excess amount of DHT to Hair follicles only So it is a myth that Foligain can affect testosterone levels in the body you can choose Foligain for hair regrowth Foligain is approved by FDA which makes it safe for everyone to use.

Foligain for every kind of hair loss in men

One needs to understand that every person is unique and different from another person so their hair loss It is not mandatory that once hair fall starts then every person goes bald there are different types of hair loss Hairline receding in this a man start losing their from their front part of their scalp you have seen many person hair loss in M or W shape Many people don’t have hair loss problems they have a problem with hair thinning as their hair is getting thin day by day Baldness is the most common type of hair loss in this men lose their overall hair from their scalp and along with this there are many problems But the reason is the same shrinkage of blood vessels and presence of DHT around hair follicles and the solution is also the same Foligain minoxidil expands the blood vessels and establishes the connection of blood and other nutrients to hair follicles This will provide required nutrients to blood and promote hair regrowth in this Foligain act as a helping hand Foligain treats a different type of hair loss without affecting sex drive in any person

How to use Foligain for Hair Regrowth

Foligain comes in two compositions Foam and solution you can choose whatever you want according to your use It is advised to use Foligain on a clean and dry scalp so while using it there is no dirt and dust left on the scalp and the scalp is clean

One has to follow these steps for effective use

  • Take 1 ml solution or if you are using foam directly apply 1 spray to the scalp
  • Massage gently with a solution on the affected area
  • Leave scalp untouched after applying it

Avoid going to sunlight after immediate use and wait for at least half an hour

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Bottom line

Foligain is 100% safe and it has no relation to sex drive in the body so you can choose stress-free order now and get back hair on your head

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