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Kirkland Minoxidil Beard Growth Oil

Kirkland Minoxidil Beard Growth Oil

Kirkland Minoxidil Beard Growth Oil


Beard what every man wishes for. Every men dream to have a beard but everyone can’t live this dream

It is not everybody’s cup of tea few person can grow a full fledge beard and the others are the admires of that beard 

There are many problem one faces when he grow a beard like some people have a beard but a patchy one which is of no use

And some people just let it grow still can’t get a beard they wish for a beard doesn’t means facial hair for a man it is his pride

Barrier in beard growth

There can be many reasons why a one faces difficulty in growing a beard

Dandruff – it is a common problem face by a lot of men’s as their facial hair starts to grow and leads to dandruff

And there can be many reasons behind this such as weather, stress or dry skin

Dandruff proves to be a hurdle for many while growing a beard

Itchiness what is most important part in growing up a beard to take care of a beard

Daily keep it clean and healthy because at a certain length, some men tend to feel itchy.

Some men’s face start to itch as soon as their facial hair start growing back and this itchiness can sometimes is unbearable that’s why many men prefer to shave their beard rather growing it fully

You can use Kirkland Minoxidil for beard to keep your beard healthy and avoid itchiness.

Acne – Acne is the biggest problem while growing a beard many people have reported that there is lot of acne while growing a beard

This makes growing beard very uncomfortable and it is the result of the bacteria that is found in the hair follicles

And in this Kirkland Minoxidil for beard can help you grow a beard without acne

Thin hair – Beard looks good when it got volume thin hair beard is not a beard it never look as good as you wish for

It doesn’t matter how many times per week you shave or trim your beard it may not grow as thick as you had like it

Main problem arises when you grow beard for 3 to 4 months and then also didn’t get a same beard what you wish for

Because your beard have thin hair and it doesn’t have volume.

Some Reason for slow beard growth?

When you consider growing a beard you have probably heard about a word testosterone

Many people say that your beard growth depends on your testosterone but it is not completely true yes is depends in it

But only to a some extent many doctors say in regards to facial hair testosterone stimulates the growth of facial hair while estrogens slow it

The average range of testosterone depends on the age of a person people with a heavy beard may be more sensitive to testosterone

Hair follicles sensitivity to androgens varies with facial hair enlarging above the lips and chin so testosterone has nothing to do with facial hair growth

And it mainly depends on genetics

Along with this some more thing need to be clear that some people think that if they often shave their beard regularly

Due to which their facial hair growth will increase and they will have a thick and a healthy beard

But this is a completely myth there is no scientific reason behind this so now many readers are thinking that there is no solution to grow a perfect beard

 But sorry you are wrong either Kirkland Minoxidil can help you live your dream and have a perfect beard

Let’s know how Kirkland Minoxidil can help you in growing a beard

Kirkland Minoxidil for beard growth

Kirkland Minioxidil has base ingredient as Minioxidil

Now you are thinking what is Minioxidil it is a formula which is discovered accidentally

It is primary as a blood pressure medicine but when user observe that have a positive effect in their hair

Then it is tested in many others users and labs and it is true that it help in hair growth so how does

It works it reaches in your deep root and expand blood vessels this increases the blood flow and hair start growing

How to use Kirkland Minoxidil for beard growth?

Kirkland Minoxidil works best when use regularly for 6 to 7 months

And it comes in a solution (liquid form) effective ways of using Kirkland Minoxidil for beard growth are:-

  • You have wash your face and for that you can use wet table

So before using it there is no dirt and dust left on your face and it will reaches to your deep skin

  • Take  the solution in your hand you have to take according to your need suppose

If you have a patchy beard takes it 10 to 12 drops and if you have no beard use 8 to 10 drops only

  • Gently massage with the solution on your face and leave it don’t wash your face after applying it

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Bottom line

A Little spending on your beard and looks never hurts anyone so don’t think twice and order now all Minoxidil product from Shopuskart

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