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Men penis Enlargement Titan gel gold

Men penis Enlargement Titan gel gold

Men penis Enlargement Titan gel gold

Does the size of the penis really matter? I know you are here to get the answer to this question The questions cover layers of worry and fear

The answer is more complicated than you think. Problem is more often centered on your perception rather than on your partner

But it is also true that sexual life is very important for mental health if you are not satisfied or I say you can’t satisfy your partner then your overall life gets affected too

You may get the partner of your dream but if you can’t keep her satisfied then it can affect your relation

What does the Study show?

A study shows that 45 percent of men in this world are not satisfied with their penis size and want it to be larger

And 16 Percent of men have actually shorter penis sizes than average

This is seen in older men too they are also unhappy with their penis size as were younger guys

What are the average and ideal penis size

Most people have no idea what is the average size of the penis is?

In a Survey both men and women have asked to guess what the average penis length is are common result is

  • According to Women – 13.8cm
  • According to men – 14.1 cm

Don’t worry we will tell you what the average size of the men’s penis is

Average Penis Size

Titan gel gold buy from shopuskart
Titan gel gold buy from shopuskart
  • The average length of a flaccid penis – is 9.16 cm 
  • The average length of a flaccid stretched penis – is 13.24 cm
  • The average length of an erect penis – is 13.12 cm
  • The average circumference of a flaccid penis – is 9.33 cm
  • The average circumference of an erect penis – is 11.66 cm

These data are according to clinical research

What are the causes of penis shrinkage and erection problem 

There are n number of reasons which can lead to penis shrinkage and erection problems among all some of the common reasons are

Aging – As the men Ages, fatty deposit start depositing near the arteries which affect the blood flow, and due to a decrease in blood flow penis becomes weaker and Erection problem arises

Medical issues – There are medical issues behind the erections problem if the person is suffering from any medical diseases then there is a chance they have a small penis or shrinkage in their penis size Such as

  1. Heart disease
  2. High blood pressure
  3. Increase in the level of cholesterol
  4. Diabetes
  5. Obesity
  6. Liver or kidney diseases
  7. If a person consumes too much alcohol
  8. Multiple sclerosis

And many more

Other Reasons

Peyronie’s disease – In Peyronie’s disease, a fibrous scar develops inside the penis causing it to become curved during erection and it affects the penis size

Smoking – Men who smoke have a higher chance that their penis size is smaller than those who don’t

The reason behind this is Chemicals from cigarettes can injure the blood vessels in the penis which will not allow the penis to fill with blood and stretch if the blood vessels get damaged, the penis will not give an erection

In short, when the blood vessels contrast and there is no proper blood flow to the penis it leads to a decrease in the size of the penis and erection

Psychological changes – Emotional issues can stress men of any age group and it affects the blood circulation due to which men have to face erection issues Such as

  • Many people get stressed about not being able to achieve or maintain an erection
  • Emotional stress due to Financial, Professional or social issues
  • Conflicts in a relationship
  • Depression

But no need to worry as it is said every problem comes with a solution it is curable and its solution is very simple Titan gel Gold for Men penis Enhancement

Titan gel gold for men’s penis Enhancement

Titan gel is a cream that is to applies to a genital area it will help to enlarge penis size up to 7 sm and it also betters the erection problem

The medical reason behind the penis shrinkage and erection problem is simple when there is no proper blood flow to the genital area fatty acids start to deposit there which rise the problem of erection

And titan gel when applied to the genital increases the blood flow and clears the fatty deposit near the blood vessels

An increase in blood flow leads to an increase in the size of the penis and there is a better erection too

How to use Titan gel gold

  • It is advised to use it on a clean body so one should get a shower before using it
  • After shower erect your penis
  • Take 2 ml from the bottle and cover the penis with it
  • Rub the gel so that it is absorbed by the body
  • it should be used 2-3 times a day for 3 to 4 months to see its effective result

Titan gel is made up of all-natural ingredients and doesn’t have any side effects so it is safe to use it is used in more than 50 countries all over the world and proves to be efficient.

Why Titan gel is better than other Penis Enlargement options available in Market

There are many different options available in the market for penis Enlargement cream let’s discuss one by one why titan gel is better than other

Medical Options

Pills or tablets- Pills and tablet is used for penis enlargement but it takes a very long time to work

And it is not advised for everybody, if a person is suffering from any other medical problem then it can cause unknown side effects too

Surgery – Every person once in a mind thinks about opting for surgery only a few know that it is not advisable for everybody

Surgery is only an option for infertile men not for erection issues and smaller penis size

Other options

Vacuum pipe – Vacuum pipe is stop showing results after some time of use

It is a temporary solution it just pumps up penis size for a very short time

It does,t help with erection problems

Exercise – Yes Exercise does help if you are suffering from obesity or any physical issue

It is not beneficial for medical issues and it takes years to show the result of exercise

So, as compared now you know why Titan gel Gold is better than any other option available on the market

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where to buy the Best Penis cream in India?


Sexual is a pillar for any beautiful relationship it is the responsibility of men to keep their partner sexually satisfied

So, if you also have a penis shrinkage problem and erection and you are getting stressed due to this then wait no longer and order Titan gel gold now

This is curable no need to take the stress and Titan gel gold is a panacea for this.


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