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The Most Effective Topical Treatment For Both men and women Hair Loss

The Most Effective Topical Treatment For Both men and women Hair Loss

The Most Effective Topical Treatment For Both men and women Hair Loss

Rogaine Minoxidil Topical Treatment- The Most Effective Topical Treatment For Both men and women Hair Loss

Minoxidil is a Primary ingredient of Rogaine, which helps in fighting from the baldness and hair loss. This is one of the best brands, which is approved by FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) and highly recommended by the dermatologists here we are going to discuss about how minoxidil was introduced for re growth of the hair and how effective Rogaine is.
Rogaine was invented for the regrowth of the hair hence it is a first and only topical solution products which is approved by the (Food and Drug Administration) FDA. In nick of time, the Rogaine became the brand on which you can trust and savior for many people especially those who wanted to treat the hair fall and want their hair to re grow. On February 11, 1996, the minoxidil patent was expired.

The history of the brand Rogaine
Minoxidil Rogaine 2% topical solution for men was introduced as a medication in 1988.
• It was introduced as a prescription drug also for a woman in 1992.
Minoxidil Rogaine 2% topical solution for men and women was approved to be over-the-counter drugs(OTC) in 1996.
Men’s Minoxidil Rogaine 5% Extra Strength Solution was approved for over-the-counter us (OTC) in 1997.
• Revolutionary Men’s Minoxidil Rogaine 5% Foam was made accessible for over-the-counter use in 2006.
• Invention of 5% minoxidil new foam based was proven to be an effective liquid-based treatment for male hair in 2007.

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Following are the things you should remember you use Rogaine:

Rogaine does have some side effects, which will harm for some users; however, most of the side effects of these products are not so harsh thus, this may include minor headaches, dizziness, irritated scalp, and dandruff. In addition, some of the serious side effects that can occur but are cardiac arrest, and even serious heart disease, yet these are only possibilities and more of the exception than the rule. While trying rogaine most of the user doesn’t face from these side effects so it is said that better to recommended and consult to a doctor while you are undergoing hair restoration treatment , for this is the best way to ensure your own health and safety.

Minoxidil is the primary ingredient in the Rogaine, Before you use this product learn about it’s side effects whether you can use it or not, suitability to your skin or not, study about the product more and learn about it’s limit, costs and various other factors.

• When you use Rogaine for a long time, the body will adjust it accordingly and the effects of this will be reduced. However, Rogaine helps in re growth of the hair. Users give up on this product because they expect for the miracle, as they want to achieve the result as soon as possible, which is not possible to achieve.
Minoxidil is said to be effective for female and also works as a wonder for male pattern hair loss, as it is approved by The Food and drug administration or FDA. It makes your hair strong when it is combined with other vital nutrients and makes hair follicle strong and healthy it is best product.

It works by hindering the DHT (dihydrotesterone) and this promotes the circulation of blood on your scalp. This promotes the growth of the new hair. For those who are using this product for the first time DHT becomes the reason behind the weakening of hair follicle, which results into no growth of the new hair, and thinning. This eventually leads to hair baldness or male pattern hair loss. When you use 2% in women and 5% of concentration in female it is said to be safe and effective for both of them.

According to the research the baldness can be due to the lack of nutrition so it is important to well nourish your diet which is enriched with the essential minerals, vitamins and herb extract. Some of the important nutrients to be taken into consideration are Saw palmetto, Muriapauma, Nettle roots, Horsetail silica, Para-amino Benzoic acid, Biotin, Vitamin B6, Zinc and Magnesium. As These nutrients will help to provide you the good health and when works from inside the body this promotes the growth of the new hair as well as it helps to keep your old hair healthy and strong which we actually want .


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