Tugain 10% Solution By Cipla For hair Loss Treatment


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Tugain Minoxidil 10 % composition for effective hair regrowth

Proven to treat genetically hair loss in men and women

Tugain solution van be used by anyone above 18 and below 65

Color less solution leaves mo marks

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Tugain 10% Solution By Cipla For hair Loss Treatment

Tugain solution when applied to scalp leave no marks on scalp

Tugain reaches to deep root and enhances blood vessels

Better blood flow and contact of oxygen to hair follicles promotes hair regrowth

Tugain is approved by FDA and safe to use

User don’t feel any headache or irritation after it use

It gives necessary nutrient to scalp which fights with hereditary hair loss

It prevents epithelial cell death which treats baldness

Using it twice a day makes it more effective


Do not mix Tugain solution with cream and oil

Your scalp should be clean and dry before using it

Tugain do not help in hair loss due to chemo therapy

If you feel any problem after using it consults your doctor

Pregnant women should using it


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