What is Minoxidil


Minoxidil was initially created to treat patients suffering from high blood pressure. Upon discovering a side effect of significant hair growth, the formula was adapted into a topical solution to be applied directly to the scalp of men and women struggling with varying degrees of balding, notably androgenic alopecia. Although the mechanism of its efficacy is still not certain, clinical testing proved the treatment highly effective amongst the majority of the test subjects within just months, specifically on the crown (vertex) area*.

Two resounding results were apparent:
1. The rate of hair loss was reduced, and in some cases, halted.
2. Deadened follicles were re-invigorated, resulting in new growth.

Minoxidil is now available for men and women right here online. Through a simple course of treatment followed diligently, you too can enjoy an invigorated head of hair.

*NOTE: Minoxidil has proven to exert maximum effect to the crown/vertex of the head. Treating frontal baldness and receding hairlines may prove ineffective.

WARNING: Although such accounts are rare, minoxidil is a medication that can have serious side effects. It is imperative you read the instructions and warning information thoroughly prior to use.

What Age Can I Start Using Minoxidil ?

There’s no set age, but we advise no one younger than 18 to use it. If you’re young, see what you can grow before using minox. You may know somebody who is 16 years old with a full beard; this is an exception — there are not many 16 year olds that can grow full beards. Boys finish puberty at approximately 16-20 years old, with many going as far as 22 years old.

Even then, many men cannot grow facial hair at these young ages and realize that their beard genetics kick in around their mid-twenties. Facial hair continues to develop throughout our lives, well into our 30s.

Is Minoxidil Intended for Use on the Face?

No. The FDA in the United States of America has approved minoxidil onlyfor use on the scalp. Because of this, the product directions instruct users to applyit onlythere. More specifically, it is meant onlyfor the vertex of the scalp. Technically, companies selling minoxidil (such as Rogaine) are legally not allowed to advertise the product for any area of the body other than the vertex. This is simply due to the fact that it’s the only area that has been tested.This does not indicate that it does not work elsewhere! We call this false equivalency.


If, however, you apply the merchandise to the face, that has higher blood circulation and absorption than the scalp, the probability will increase that vasodilator can notice its method into your blood. we tend to additionally decision this general, despite the merchandise being topical. the chance of facet result could increase, together with hair in places aside from your face.Summary: No, as a result of it’s ne’er been tested there and approved by the federal agency. It has, however, been tested in Kingdom of Thailand

How Does Minoxidil Promote Body Hair When You Apply it to Your Face?

Additionally, when minoxidil enters your system, it can (and likely will) promote hair growth on the whole body. Various members of TMBS have reported new vellus hair growth on places such as the:

  • forehead
  • ears
  • eyebrows
  • upper cheek bones
  • hands, legs, feet
  • chest, stomach
  • back

These new hairs are vellus and have a high probability of falling out once you cease minoxidil applications. In fact, many minoxidil beard users experience cessation of this extra hair even while continuing to apply the solution, several months in.

Does Minoxidil Have Any Side Effects?

Of course. It is a drug, after all. Although, most of the common side effects are fairly minor.

The first few applications might make your skin feel itchy or irritated, and possibly a little red. This is common and usually disappears after a few days or couple of weeks as your body adjusts to the minoxidil.The listed side effects of topical minoxidil can be found here. Take note of oral side effects as well, and disregard those. You will not and do not want to take minoxidil orally during this process.Does minoxidil affect libido/sex drive? No.


Trioxidil was developed and perfected by the experts at FOLIGAIN® to infuse hair and scalp with key nutrients, bioactives and botanicals for healthier, thicker-looking hair.Trioxidil uses a triple-action approach to ensure product efficacy, starting with key proteins being boosted within the follicle to promote hair that is denser and full of body. Bioactives then go to work on the hair strand, strengthening the hair matrix, giving them resilience and a revitalized youthful appearance. Finally, proprietary moisture barrier technology locks in the key bioactive ingredients to boost efficacy and retain skin moisture for improved results and decreased dryness and irritation.