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Which product used during anal sex

Which product used during anal sex

Which product used during anal sex

The one who have anal sex in life is the only one who know how it feels while having anal sex

Anal sex is best described the one who experience it, For some people it is far more better than vaginal sex

But for some it have all bad memories and pain, anal sex is good but if done with proper care and protection otherwise it can ruin the moment and leave you and your partner in a pain

It’s like a cherry on a cake most beautiful part of the sex It is hard to explain what anal sex feels like

Before coming to anal sex first understand what anal sex is how to do it carefully and product can be proven helpful in anal sex

What’s anal sex?

Anal sex means the penis-in-anus or you can also say it an intercourse some people enjiy it and some got nightmare just by it name

It’s okay if you don’t like it. Everyone doesn’t like everything Sex is something that gives you pleasure so if you don’t like it it’s all okay

But what makes it so bad for some people, it is the pain and wrong way of doing many people just do it without proper mental and physical prepration due to which it proves to be a nightmare for some people

So, anal sex can hurt you if you are not relaxed as  anus doesn’t have its own lubrication and even anus too so it hurts a lot to have anal sex

Anus doesn’t makes it own lubrication as vagina does so it proves as a bad experience for many people

What should not be done while having anal sex

  • Always use condom while having anal sex ,i know anal sex doesn’t make you preganent but there is a high chance of getting STDs (Sex tranmission disease) Such as HIV and condom protects you from that
  • Dont use Oil , Vaseline , Lotion while having anal sex only try to use product specially made for anal sex as it can weaken or condom and more likely it will break it too
  • If your body doesn’t allow or you are not mentally prepared for it avoid doing it
  • Don’t force your partner to do it as it may hurt her a lot and can ruin your beautiful relation

Which product should be used during anal sex?

There are many product available in the market which can make you prepare for anal sex

And can also give you more pleasure during anal sex these products are specially designed to minimize the bad experience during anal sex and enhance your good experience

Some of the product which are recommended for anal sex are 

  • Lubricants
  • Butt plugs
  • Je Joue Nuo
  • Dildo or vibrator

Let’s discuss how these products can be helpful during anal sex one by one


Lubricants is basically used as a remedy to dryness it is used in vagina as some women has vaginal dryness

It can also be helpful during anal sex too as anus doesn’t made it own lubricant and when penis is inserted inside a butt it makes it painful

So lubbricannt can help you in this it will provide grip and penis can easily get inside the butt minimizing the pain and increasing the pleasure and it prevents tears that lead to STIs

Lubriants come in different types such as

  • Water soluble
  • petroleum based
  • Oil based lubricants
  • Silicone lubricants

So you can easily chooose the one according to your need and requirement

Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are good way to introduce anal play A lot of anal plugs are aimed more at stimulating the male prostate

It is suggested that a wwomen should try it with finger first so that can easily find out how much they can handle And then choose a plug with a diameter

Butt plug comes in different sizes by thiis you can mentally prepare yourself

Anal sex is not about how much you can handle it being about enjoying anal penetrated, which allows you to relax

Jo Joue Nuo

This is more like a vibbrator it comes with diffrent modes

It is ideal for anyone with prostate or perineum as ti can relax them

So while having an anal sex a person can enjoy sex rather getting hurt from it

Dildo or Vibrators

First thing to be consider before anal sex is that Dont just Jump into Anal sex without first trying it with fingers and toys

Dildo or Vibrator comes in diffrerent sizes a one can start with smaller size and than can go further to large size

They are designed more in and out motion and staying in a place so this will make you physically prepared for anal sex

It is made for giving you pleasure and reduces your pain

What are the advantages of using these anal products?

  • It prepares your partner mentally and physically for anal sex reducing Pain and stress
  • it reduces the chance of getting STDs Like HIV
  • It givings you covering while having anal sex such as lube
  • It reduces irritation while having anal sex

Shopuskart for anal products

  • We provide you different variety of anal products according to your need
  • All our product is made with a very high quality product so it will not harm you while using it
  • Our anal products comes in different sizes and range according to your need
  • After using these products you will feel relaxed after having anal sex
  • We offer you best deal than any other seller
  • Shopuskart give you timely deliveries of your product
  • 100% cash back guarantee if product is not delivered to you
Bottom line

We spend lot money in making our sex life and partner happy

Anal sex is a dream of lot but they avoid it due to pain and stress but these products will help you to enjoy iit

And in my opinion making few smart purchases can’t hurt either ad make you and your partner happy

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