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Foligain Foam and how foam is better than solution

How Foligain Foam Minoxidil treats hair thinning

Foligain Foam and how foam is better than solution

Foligain Foam and how foam is better than solution

Minoxidil needs no introduction when it comes to hair loss; Minoxidil is built to treat every kind of hair loss in both men and women

But there are composition in minoxidil too user gets confuse what to choose minoxidil solution or minoxidil foam

Foligain is well known brand in Minoxidil many user chooses Foligain for hair loss solution and gets positive result too

The real question is if there is minoxidil solution already available in market and doing good and user find positive result too

Then what is the need of Minoxidil foam and why the one should choose Minoxidil foam over Minoxidil solution

Foligain is well known and well establish brand in Minoxidil it manufactures minoxidil in 2%, 5% and 10%

And 10% minoxidil is manufacture by Foligain in foam form not in solution

Foligain manufacture both solution and foam so where should a user go to foam or to solution

Do foam only comes in 10% variant only manufacture by Foligain the answer is no foam is made in all variants

Foligain 2% foam for women’s use, Foligain 5% foam for men’s use and 10% is unique by Foligain for both men and women

10% Foligain foam is made for quick and better result in user, many users who uses minoxidil finds that it is hard to scalp

It takes time to absorb by the scalp due to the presence of alcohol in them and due to this foam is made

Foam is made without alcohol presence and it is gentle to scalp and it is mostly use by women as there scalp is more sensitive

One need to understand how Minoxidil works to differentiate between foam and solution and it’s working

How Foligain Minoxidil treats hair loss

Before understanding how Foligain treats hair loss you need to understand what the reasons behind hair loss are and how Foligain helps you

There are many factors due to which Hairfall start in a person this is a common problem in both men and women

The real problem arises when hair stop to regrow from the part from where it falls and that part became infertile

There can be different reason behind it some of the common reasons can be as follows:-

  • Hereditary hair loss – This is the most common reason behind baldness

It is because elder person in your family also have problem of baldness especially in father and grandfather

So the problem of baldness is transferred in your genes through your parent

  • Unhealthy diet– – Due to this there is a deficit of nutrients in our body

And nutrient needed for hair to grow can’t reach to our hair and hair start getting damage after sometime it begins to fall

  • Due to pregnancy – During pregnancy women faces a lot of Hairfall it is seen in most women that

During this time their start getting weak and women faces Hairfall

Medical reason behind hair loss

Our scalp has many pores inside which there are follicles (Root of hair) on which our hair stand strong

Due to today’s Unhealthy lifestyle these pores start getting damaged

There is no direct contact of blood and oxygen to hair follicles due to which hair start getting thin

And after sometime it begins to fall and in our hair follicles a hormone named DHT take place

DHT contracts the blood vessels due to which blood can never reach to hair follicles

This makes hair follicles dead and weak leads to make our scalp unfertile

How Foligain treats hair loss

Foligain when apply to scalp expands the blood vessels and clears the Storage of DHT near hair follicles

It provide all the necessary nutrients required by our hair to grow hair

Due to expansion in blood vessels there is again a contact of blood and oxygen to our hair

It make our scalp fertile and it become possible hair to regrow on our scalp

You have to use it twice a day for 5 to 6 Months regularly to see it result

And it advice to wash your head before using it so that there is no dirt and dust on your scalp while using it

Foligain foam and who should use it

One with sensitive scalp – Foligain foam is good for those who have sensitive scalp allergic to alcohol

This won’t dry your scalp and keep it nourished and itchy free

For quickly absorb by scalp – Foligain foam is quickly absorb by the scalp and it quickly reaches to scalp and start working

For quick result – Foligain foam shows quick result as compare to Minoxidil solution and it is good for scalp too

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