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How Women Rogaine is effective In hair loss

How Women Rogaine is effective In hair loss

How Women Rogaine is effective In hair loss

How Women Rogaine is effective In hair loss

Rogaine Minoxidil is the best solution available in Shopuskart for hair loss problems in women it is trusted by many people

Hair loss in women is different than hair loss in men so their minoxidil is the pattern of hair loss in women is different so their treatment is different too

Most person thinks that Minoxidil is a common solution for both men and women it is only true to some extend

Yes Minoxidil is the perfect solution for hair loss treatment in men and women but one needs to know that Minoxidil comes in different composition

Minoxidil comes in 5% and 2% composition 5% for Men and 2% for Women as their hair loss is different so the minoxidil is different accordingly

Some people still think that hair fall is a problem that occurs in men they think that women don’t have hair loss

But a study shows that Women face more hair loss than men Just there are a few cases of losing total hair in women

Let’s understand why a woman is facing hair loss before coming to how Rogaine can help in hair loss in women

The pattern of Hair loss in Women

As said above Hair loss is different in men and women so the pattern is the pattern we see in men are different from than signs in women

Let’s understand the signs of hair loss in women one by one

Thinning of hair – The hair of women begins to thin day by day their hair just starts losing their volume

They are not as heavy and thick as they use to be in their 20s and younger age

Shorter Length – The most common problem a women faces is that their hair begins to get short day by day 

Their hair gets can’t match their hair length goals this is a common sign that hair is losing its strength and length

Broadness in the front scalp – As there are hairline receding problems in men same there is a problem of the broadness of the forehead in women

Their forehead begins to broad and hair line moves backward

Bald Spots – There are circular or patchy spots on scalp same as a coin your skin start feel itching and there is a pain when hair fall out of your scalp

A handful of hairs – Every time a women combs their hair they finds lots of broken hair on their comb this is a common symptoms of weak hairs and hair fall in women

Why Women faces hair loss

Stress – Stress is a common in both men and women for losing their hair when a person has lots of stress their head muscles contrast

Due to contraction in head muscles there is no proper blood flow and hair fall begins to start

Pregnancy – After giving a birth to a child there are lots of Hormonal changes occur in human body due to which women faces hair loss

This is temporary but if not care properly this leads to serious issue of hair loss in women

Hair Styling – Hair styling damage lot of hair and excessive use of styling product can damage roots of hairs too

Heat from blow dryer and straightener damages scalp and hair begins to fall

Medical treatment – There is a chance that a person can have hair loss as a side effect of hair loss due to any medical treatment

Rogaine and Hair loss in Women

Rogaine is the best solution for hair-related problems in women it is easy to use and gives you positive results in just a few months of regular use

Highlight about Rogaine

  • It comes in 2% variant specially made for women scalp with low alcohol concentration as women scalp is sensitive to alcohol
  • Easy to use Just apply solution or foam to affected area and massage with it
  • It reaches deep root and reduces effect of estrogen (Hormone behind hair fall in women
  • Rogaine when apply to scalp reaches deep root and expands blood vessels which promote better blood circulation and promote Hair regrowth
  • It prevents scalp from Dandruff, fungal and bacterial infection
  • Rogaine penetrates deep into scalp and revives hair follicles and open new pores on scalp
  • Minoxidil solution comes with Tricho-Prime technology which start painting when applied to scalp

Rogaine 2% minoxidil composition is made for women you can choose from two variants solution and foam

Foam is more effective and easily absorb by skin but it doesn’t solution is not effective it’s like foam works faster than the solution

How to use

Wash your head before applying it so that there is no dirt and dust left on scalp

Pour 1ml of it on affected area and massage it then wait for them to absorb by skin

Avoid going to sunlight as soon you apply it

Use Rogaine 2% Solution twice a day for 3 months regularly for best results

Shopuskart for Rogaine

As you know Rogaine is best solution for hair loss in women

But only few people knows that it is not manufactured in India

There is much duplicate product available in the market in name of Rogaine but Shopuskart provide you 100% genuine product directly imported from the US

  • We are selling Rogaine from many years and our customer feel satisfied after purchasing it from our website

You can check customer review in our site

  • We are the distributor of Rogaine in India and all our product came with 100 % original Rogaine branding
  • We always aim in building a strong relation with our customer because Customer means a lot to us
  • 100% money back guarantee of product is not deliver to you
  • We accept all major credit and Debit card and COD is also available

Bottom Line

If you are women who is in a search of solution for hair loss than Rogaine Minoxidil is best solution for you

Don’t wait more and order now from Shopuskart because nothing is as precious as your hairs


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